You ever notice how everyone in Zelda is a total jerk?

Spent your childhood running around Hyrule? Beat up some chicken? Broke some jars? Captured the Master Sword?

Well hey, listen.

Did you ever notice how everyone in Hyrule is a total JERK?!


Like this kid. You’re trying to save the world. Kid comes running at you with the biggest booger you’ve ever seen in your life.

booger kid meme zelda


And these chicken. They’re not content making eggs. They gotta be all in your face.

zelda chicken angry birds meme


fish in zelda wind waker meme

Then there’s this fish grumbling about your bait.


But never mind the bait, this lads ben eying your tackle…

link has good milk zelda meme

Head inside and its the same shiz. Mad man dancing by himself non-stop.

funny zelda npc meme


And this lad. He’s in Majora’s Mask. He can magically conjure a whole organ. But can he play it? hell no. He just hits the same 4 keys over and over again.

Happy Mask Salesman from Majoras Mask, meme


Link himself aint exactly sane either. I mean what kind of elf drinks ghosts?!

zelda link drinking ghosts meme



Suddenly Navi doesn’t seem so annoying anymore.

zelda navi funny meme



Zelda NPCs. Total jerks.

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