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Into essay writing? Write for us a free or sponsored post that is educational

If you want to write for us a guest post about essay writing, send us an educational piece. We like guest posts about essay writing that truly help readers to improve their essay writing skills. Use lots of juicy tips and helpful resources to help writers write better.

We are happy to accept guest posts about online writing courses and university courses.

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Are you an author looking to write a guest post about your own author story? Great. Write for us a guest post that is personal. Tell us what made you an author, why you wrote your book, and why your book matters.

We are happy to publish self promotional content for authors and we will help you to tell your story to our readers.

Into online courses? Write for us about one of the topics of your course

We love publishing guest posts about online courses. English language courses in particular. The best way to write this type of sponsored post is to hare a tutorial on one of the topics covered in the course. Make it educational and informative, and tell readers what they will learn on your course.

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