You can get a million LIKES / Followers for a website. You can get a game to sell a million copies. You can get a million people to play your game on social media. But you can’t get a video game blog to get a million likes.

Or, at least, very few people can.

Because the simple fact of the matter is that social media and video game simply don’t mix very well.

The vast majority of gaming blogs have a very limited social media following. Sure, sites like Kotaku and Polygon might have a few hundred thousand LIKES / FOLLOWERS, but that’s after they’ve been around for about a decade and are currently receiving several million hits every month.

The vast majority of new blogs struggle to get social media followers.

I personally have 4 blogs in different genres and know first hand that getting followers for this site is much, much harder than getting followers for my other blogs (and that despite the fact that I am far more experienced in the gaming industry than in any other industry).

And I’m far from alone.

Take a look at the gaming blogs that have come out this year. None of them will have very many social media followers, regardless of how good their content is. You’ll probably struggle to find one new blog that came out this year that has more than a thousand followers (unless it was started by a blogger who was well known before they created said blog).

I personally enjoy Playstation Lifestyle (which has been going for 7 years and has 16k followers) and Dark Side of Gaming (which has done alright, getting 730 Facebook followers in one year).  But regardless of how good a gaming site is, it seems they (we) all struggle to get enough social media activity.

And even once a gaming website gets followers, most of those followers aren’t active.

Take a look at IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, and Polygon’s Facebook and Twitter pages and you’ll notice one thing: the average post that they put up doesn’t really get that many shares or retweets. Polygon’s average post on Facebook receives less than 100 LIKES, which is very little compared to other pages with similar figures.

This isn’t a critique of the aforementioned sites. I’m a big fan of most of the sites I’ve mentioned above. They’re some of the best blogs in the world. But even they are not receiving that much social media activity.


Are social media and gaming incompatible? Is gaming simply not social enough itself to work on social media? If so that seems bizarre, given the number of gamers on Facebook and Twitter.

Is it that we haven’t found the right type of content to put on social media pages?

Is it because gamers prefer to use Youtube for their gaming needs? After all, gaming is perhaps the most popular subject on Youtube (except for Fails, that is).

Why is it that gaming blogs receive less social media activity than other types of blogs?

I would really love to hear your opinions on this.  What sort of content do you think bloggers should be putting up on social media? How can we make gaming work more successfully on social media networks?

Leave your comments below.

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