Ladies and gentlemen. We are living in the age of the Mohawk. The Mohawk hairstyle (and the Mohawk people too, if Assassin’s Creed’s got anything to say about it) are taking over gaming. Game designers everywhere are putting the Mohawk centre stage. And no wonder–hell, you hardly need a degree into graphic design or be a master in game design to see how powerful an image the Mohawk hairstyle creates for a character.

The biggest gaming character of the year, Connor, from the soon be number one top selling game ever, Assassin’s Creed 3, is half Mohawk (his other half is British). But he’s not the only one influenced by the Mohawk people and their awesome hairstyle. Here’s a list of the top ten Mohawk hairstyles in gaming.


#10 Far Cry 3 Vaas

Bound to be one of the most famous Mohawk’s in gaming in 2012, Vaas from Far Cry 3 rocks this badass Mohawk. It totally suits his crazy character. This dude is not the sort of character I’d want to meet in a dark alley. . .seriously, look at his eyes.. . . like.  . .chill out. .  .?



#9 Soap – Modern Warfare 3

One of the top selling games of all time deserves on of the best mohawks of all times (well, in video games, anyway), and it’s got it. A lot of people found Soap to be a less than inspiring character, but still, you can’t diss that Mohawk!

#8 Borderlands 2 Salvador

You’ve got to be a real man to pull off blue hair. Salvador is that man. Not only is he about to blow the crap out of everyone in Borderlands 2, but he’s gonna do it while looking totally slick with a blue mohawk. Now that’s attitude!


#7: Bebop from Turtles

While I may never forgive Bebop for robbing all my pennies when I was a kid by killing me over and over again in Turtles: The Arcade Game, even I cannot knock the quality of Bebop’s hairstyle.

 #6:Krusha (Donkey Kong Country and 64)

The funny thing about Krusha is that he has such a badass name, yet when you look at those eyes you can tell his a softie realy and just wants to hug everything. Krusha, you’re not fooling anyone. .  . still, nice mohawk, especially for a crocodile.

#5: Guile street Fighter

A lot has been said about Guile’s hair. in many ways, in no exaggeration to say that Guile changed the very way we think about hair. . . and gravity. Someone has to ask Guile what hair gel he uses.  . .I needs to get me some of that!

#4: Chief Thunder – KI

Back in 1994 / 5, Chief Thunder was tearing up the arcade scene in a game that was way ahead of its time: Killer Instinct. A lot of characters in Killer Instinct were cool, but none of them were better than Chief Thunder. And his mohawk even managed to not move even though one of his special moves was to uppercut his opponent with the mohawk. Uhhh. .  .yeah, that’s a hardcore hairstyle!

#3: Jonathan – Metal Gear Solid 4

A member of the Rat Patrol Team 01 in Metal Gear Solid 4, Jonathan looked pretty damn cool with his mohawk, at least until Snake embarrassed him in front of Meryl.

#2: Turok- Turok

Most people who make their living hunting dinosaurs aren’t the sort of people to sweat over their hairstyle, but oh boy does Turok break that mould!

#1: Larry and Lemmy Kooper

Larry Koopa from Super Mario Bros. joins Salvador from Borderlands 2 as one of the few characters to successfully pull of blue hair. And as for Lemmy, well, with pyschadelic hairstyle like that he should front for a punk rock band. Without doubt, these two Koopas have the best mohawks in gaming.

Man are we lucky to have such amazing video game character artists creating such awesome characters! Makes me want to go back to university on a game designer program.  .. sigh.



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