Work got you down? Bored of Earth? Hey, no sweat, come for an extended stay in one of the Star Wars’ galaxy’s most beautiful worlds.

Star Wars worlds are beautiful, lush, and peaceful, at least when they’re not being blown up by The Empire or The First Order.

Which Star Wars world would you most want to visit? Here’s my picks.


The Star Wars Worlds We’d Most Want To Visit

10. Dagobah

star wars dagobah

Dagobah system…?

Can’t afford a five-star resort? Hey, I’ve been there. I was even homeless once. Thankfully, there are some Star Wars worlds you won’t need a billion dollars to visit. Dagobah is one of them.

When you visit Dagobah, you’ll be treated to a luxurious swamp covered in vegetation and weeds that kinda look like a worse version of a rain forest on Earth.

For your accommodation, why not stay in a tiny Igloo-style mud-hut thing? Spacious? Hardly. Comfortable? You wish. But what Dagobah lacks in creature comforts, it makes up for in spirit.

When you visit Dagobah today, you’ll be able to get away from… well… absolutely everything. There are no people, no cities, but bizarrely there are massive lifeform readings. That’s partly thanks to Yoda and partly thanks to that weird snake-like thing that flicks it’s tongue at Luke as he enters the cave.

Oh, and do not eat the plant-life. That stuff will give you gut rot for weeks.


9. Tatooine

star wars tatooine

The most famous of all Star Wars worlds, the place where it all began.

Tatooine is known for its beautiful sunset. Surrounded by three moons, Ghomrassen, Guermessa and Chenini, and the twin stars Tatoo I an Tatoo II, Tatooine offers a sunset like no other. And just as well, because this planet is no luxury get-away.

Covered in desert, Tatooine is home to dangerous lifeforms including the Krayt Dragon, Womp rat, bantha and the almighty Sarlacc. But many humans have settled in the deserts and have become moisture farmers, like Luke’s uncle Owen.  If you’re heading here though, be sure to take a sunhat as temperatures climb to fifty degrees.

Sadly, Tatooine has fallen into the clutches of the vile Hutts, making travel here dangerous for outsiders. And the criminal activity that the huts have brought has led cities like Mos Eisley to become wretched hives of scum and villainy.

For an alternative to Tatooine, try Jakku; it’s basically the same place with less Hutts.


8. Hoth

star wars hoth

Hoth is a remote planet and the sixth planet of the Hoth system. Similar to Antarctica for those of you still living on Earth. Hoth is home to all sort of snowy monsters, most famously the Wampa that assaulted Luke in Empire Strikes Back.

If you’re heading out to Hoth this year, be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes. Weather on Hoth is similar to weather in Canada in winter, so be sure to pack your snow goggles and a thermos.

7. Endor

star wars endor

Bored of staying in hotels? Not a fan of check-outs? Prefer to get away and enjoy the natural world? Then Endor is perfect for you.

First appearing in Return of the Jedi, Endor is a forest moon occupied by tribes or Ewoks. These little critters are feisty and know how to deal with enemies. But befriend them and you could become part of the tribe.

For those who think with their stomach, Endor’s cuisine ranges from wild berries to various human sacrifices that the cute Ewoks have made over the years.

Endor is the perfect vacation spot for anyone who happens to be a humanoid golden droid. If that’s you, visit today. The Ewoks will automatically presume that you are some sort of god and will treat you a buffet of your best friends.

Just be sure to keep an eye out for stray ATATs as these have been spotted in the area recently.

6. Ahch-To

force awakens star wars ahch-to

Sometimes, you just want to get away from everything for a little while. Why not take a little vacation to Ahch-To, the planet Luke Skywalker goes to after his new generations of Jedi are murdered by Kylo Ren.

Yes, those times when you’re entire academy is brutally murdered. Those are a good time to get away from it all. It’s all good to get away when you’ve got exams; when the rent is due; and when your mother in law comes over for dinner.

Why not get away to the wonderful world of Ahch-To, which is literally covered in water and looks like an oceanic paradise.  Achc-To is so out of the way that even the First Order and the Rebellion are like, “Huh? Where?” when they hear that Luke has gone there.

Next time you need to get the hell out of dodge, Ahch-To is your destination.


5. Kashyyk

star wars kashyyk

Kashyyk also goes by the name Wookie Planet C and is one of the most famous worlds in Star Wars thanks to its portrayal in Revenge of the Sith.

This forest homeworld is full of tree houses that Wookies have built and which they entertain friends in.  Once a member of the Galactic Republic, Kashyyk was a peaceful world until it was enslaved by the Galactic Empire.

A temperate jungle planet, not dissimilar to your jungles on Earth, Kashyyk orbits a single star in the Mytaranor sector of the Mid Rim and has three moons. The land is covered in wroshyr trees and the fauna here is what inspired the Wookies to build the spaceships whey built. The cities, meanwhile, are built into the huge trees, meaning much of the Wookies lives take place on the tree-tops.

4. Naboo

star wars naboo

Naboo has lost much of its popularity thanks to the insanely annoying JarJar Binks. But don’t let Jar Jar Binks fool you. Naboo is a beautiful planet and one of the Star Wars worlds most ideal for travel.

Naboo is a porous, plasma-rich interior with a molten core that produces a climate suitable for humans. The surface of Naboo is covered in grassy fields, hills, and swamps, while large mountains called the Gallo Mountains, bisect the singular continent and divide it into the north and south.

Visit the Paonga Sea for access to Gungan City, a large labyrinth of caves full of aquatic life. Here, there is always a bigger fish.

3. Bespin

star wars bespin

Fancy a vacation in the clouds? Head to Bespin, the floating orb that’s 73,000 miles in diameter. Being a planet of metal, Bespin is famous for its mining operations, which are essential to construction around the galaxy.

As seen in Empire Strikes Back, people on Bespin live in the Bespin Life Zone, a safe area where well to do business folk sit and dine among political figures and leaders like Lando Calrissian.

Be careful when you visit Bespin, however. At times the Empire’s presence has been noted here. In Empire Strikes Back Lando Calrissian  made a deal with the Empire that went bad, and the people of Bespin were forced to evacuate.

But don’t let that put you off. When Bespin isn’t being invaded by the Empire, it’s a respectable and luxurious world perfect for your getaway.

2. Alderaan

star wars alderaan

There was once a time when Alderaan wasn’t just a bunch of asteroids hurtling through space. Before The Empire blew it to smithereens, Alderaan was the most peaceful place in the galaxy. Just ask Leia. It’s where her family is from.

Whether you travel by Deathstar or Millenium Falcoln, as you approach Alderaan it will look surprisingly like Earth. A blue-green planet covered in clouds and with large bodies of water. Its beautiful scenery gave Alderaan the name of “The planet of beauty”. And when you visit, you’ll be able to see the landmarks of the Cloudshape Falls and the Isatabith rain forest.

Drink from the luxurious wine of Alderaan’s grapevines. Toinray is a speciality here, a beautiful emerald wine. And as you journey through the system keep your eyes open for local fauna and the Alderaan wolf-cat, a rare species of feral cat.


  1. Coruscant

star wars coruscant

You first saw Coruscant  in the 1997 Special Edition version of Return of the Jedi. And since then you dreamed about visiting the world.

Coruscant is the Dubai of Star Wars. A luxurious city for the well to do and for high ranking governmental leaders, Coruscant has everything you could ever want in a city, including some fabulous statues of Emperor Palpatine.

Coruscant is in the very centre of the galaxy, so it’s a natural stop-off point for anyone travelling from one side of the galaxy to the other. It’s also the home of over a trillion sentient and the heart of the galaxy’s trade.

The word Coruscant comes from the Latin for “Vibrating and glittering”. That’s right, Coruscant is a vibrant, glittering city not unlike your cities on Earth. Come and visit Coruscant and visit the Jedi Temple and the Galactic Senate.  There’s no place quite like it.



And there you have it. Our top picks for which Star Wars world to go to on vacation. Now, time to pack my toothbrush. Which Star Wars world would you like to visit? Leave a comment.

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