In this article we’ll be celebrating the most interesting games in the world. You won’t find  RPGs, First Person Shooters, Fighting Games and other conventional genres of games here. You will, however, find  games about such diverse and interesting subjects as homelessness, depression, ethics, politics, fashion and other subjects? Comparatively few. 

In this article we’re celebrating alternative games, truly interesting games that take hold of the very idea of a game and make it something entirely new.



facade game

Facade is without a doubt one of the best games on this list.

Facade is an interactive story that uses AI to create a very realistic feeling. You play as a friend of a couple, Trip and Grace. They’ve invited you to their New York apartment for some cocktails. But there is an obvious domestic dispute going on. As you play through the game you use language to influence the two characters, and you can either help solve their problems or break them apart.

Facade is a very artistic game. And it has been received with critical acclaim. It won the Slamdance Intependent Games Festival in 2006 and is still being played today.

You have to truly respect games like Facade. Games like Facade are hugely artistic. Their developers take gaming a new direction. They are the catalysts of change in the gaming industry.

If Facade sounds interesting, you will also like these other games like Facade.


“The Anger Games” is one incredibly interesting game


Over the coming pages you’ll find games related to all sorts of subjects, subjects that a AAA title wouldn’t dare to go anywhere near, but which brave independent video game developers have turned their hand to.

So, let’s get started with this list of the world’s most interesting games.



Games about cars aren’t generally the most interesting games. What makes Pursuit Across Europe interesting, however, is the fact that BMW created it themselves as a promotional effort.

PACE: One of the most interesting games about cars

Being a game about cars created by one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, you know you’re getting high production values from PACE. In the game you race across Europe, staring in Portugal. There are tons of different cars and, despite the fact that the tracks are easy, the gameplay is solid. Add to that great grpahics and sound and you’ve got yourself one of the best free online games about cars.

Play Pursuit Across Europe Here.



Beat the Bully is a game about bullying in which you have to answer questions about bullying in order to beat an opponent in a race. Read about this game below or hit NEXT for the next game.

Beat The Bully

It’s one thing for a game to be fun, but something altogether quite different for a game to genuinely teach players about an important subject. Beat the Bully is a game about bullying that educated players on the best ways to overcome bullying.

In the game you are given a hypathetical situation in which you are bullied and ask what the best way to overcome the bullying is. Answering correctly moves you ahead in the race.

It’s simple, and Beat the Bully isn’t going to change the gaming world, but it will educate children, and that’s as good a reason for a game as any.

Play Beat the Bully HERE.


A video game about depression called Actual Sunlight is the next of our “Most interesting games.” This games take a whole new spin on gaming by applying gaming to an important subject: depression and coping with depression.

Actual Sunlight: A Game About Depression

Video games about depression are not common. While most games are fun because they create fictions around powerful characters in fantasy lands, depression games do the opposite, making a game about a character with a real life issue in a real life setting.

Actual Winter is an interactive story about depression in which you play as Evan Winter, a man who is suffering from depression. Actual Sunlight is a thought-provoking game in which you experience the thoughts and decisions of a man suffering from depression.  While the game itself is minimal, Actual Sunlight  sheds an important light on an important subject and does so admirably.



Next in our most interesting games list is a game about drugs called Smoke My Honey Bear, a hilarious spin-off of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Smoke My Honey Bear

In Smoke My Honey Bear you essentially play through the game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but answering questions about drugs (which naturally makes it an adult-only game). You’ll have to know what part of a bong is what and other such facts that most people don’t have a clue about.

What makes this game about drugs so good is its presentation. With excellent voice acting, a funny script and good graphics that parody Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, this is one of the best presented free online games I’ve played in a while. head on over to the game developers website for more.


 Art Game, a game about art, is the next title in our series of the worlds most interesting games. Read about Art Game below, or hit next for the next most interesting game.

Art Game: The Game About Art

The debate about whether games can constitute art has been long and ultimately stupid (because of course games can be art, but heck, that’s a different article. . .). One game that adds fuel to the fire is Pippin Bar’s Art Game.

Rather than tackling the “Can games be art?” question head on, Art Game offers something new, promoting appreciation of the creativity of games while commenting on the subjective ways in which we view both art and games.

Being a game about art, in Art Game you play as an artist and a highly regarded one at that. Your mission is to create a new work for an art show. To do that, you have to play Asteroids, Tetris or Snake. Losing in the game results in a critic coming to inform you that your art work is unworthy of a place in the show, though, importantly, you are never told why.

The fact that you’re never told why your art isn’t good enough for the show is the entire point of the game. It portrays the arbitrariness of the way we evaluate works of art. Eventually you’ll give up on trying to get a spot in the show, which leads you to enjoy creativity for its own sake.

A most interesting game, Art Game can be found at the game developers website.


Rage Control

Rage Control was designed as a tool to help children suffering from serious anger management problems and was produces by a hospital in the US.

The game is like Space Invaders in that players shoot ships. What’s different about it is that it monitors the child’s heart-rate via a device placed on their finger. Any time the player gets too angry they are unable to shoot.  The key to winning the game is to stay calm so you can continue to shoot.

Research shows that Rage Control is very effective at helping children with anger management and is therefore (citation needed) the first truly successful game about anger management.


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