The Nintendo 64 was released 18 years ago and no sooner had it been released than it totally redefined what it is to play video games. We can still remember our first time playing an N64. It was aboard Nintendo’s Challenger Truck, that they used to take to all gaming conventions. The N64 blew us away.  And today it is (for our money) the best console of all time. Here’s why.




The First Four Player Console

You didn’t need an adapter or any other bullshit. You just played four players straight up. And it was amazing.




Best Christmas Gift Of All Time

Did you get your N64 for Christmas? If so, was it the best gift ever? Thought so.


The first real 3d game

Mario 64 was the first genuine 3D game.

“so long, dear Bowser!” 




Pulling on Mario’s Cheeks

Sure it was a simple joy, but who didn’t love deforming Mario’s face?!



Zelda in 3D

Ocarina of Time, anyone…? Epona? The masdterword? Travelling through time? Best game ever,  possibly.



 Super Smash Bros. Brawl was great

Honestly we thought Smash would suck. We doubted Nintendo. Big mistake. Smash rocked.




No waiting

Compared to other consoles at the time you didn’t need to sit around waiting for the thing to load/




Does it get any better than Goldeneye? Four player Goldeneye was one of the greatest multiplayer experiences of all time. And using Oddjob just made it that much sweeter.



Party Games

The N64 started the whl eparty game craze with titles like Mario Party. Simple, stupid fun. We loved it.




The Logo

The logo was ingenious. Did you know that the Nintendo logo has precisely 64 sides and vertices?




We loved you Rare. And we missed you. The day you went to Microsoft the gaming world lost one of its brightest stars. Rest in peace, true Rare.



Cult Classics Galore

The sheer number of classic N64 games is staggering. In fact the N64 is unique in the fact that nearly all it’s games were throwaway or the greatest games of al time. Star Wing, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Majora’s Mask, Jetforce Gemini, Perfect Dark, Bano Kazooie…



Do A Barrel Roll!

Enough said.



Joining Club Nintendo




The Pokemon collectors edition console!






Tips and tricks

The internet was nowhere near what it is today. That meant players actually had to discuss tips rather than just getting them off GameFAQs.



Mario Kart 64

Whether Mario Kart 64 is as good as the original is questionable. What isn’t questionable is that the N64 version was one of the most fun games of all time. Who remembers trying to make the jump over the wall on Mario Circuit?



Good send off for cartridges

It’s the last console that ever used cartridges. We couldn’t have given cartridge games a better send off than with the N64.



The pad

The N64 gamepad was inventive and ingenious. It took a little getting used to coming off of d-pads, but once you were used to it the N64 pad was amazing.



You can’t break it

I dropped my N64 down three flights of stairs. It didn’t break. How many modern consoles can say that?



So, what are your own favourite moments and aspects of the N64?

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