25 Games Like Adventure Town for iOS, Android and PC

Adventure Town

Adventure Town is a city building game with RPG elements. You begin with a small town, build it up and then use your team of heroes to defend your town from the hordes of enemies that attack. Adventure Town is a very popular game because of its combination of RPG elements, city building and cutesy cartoon graphics.

In terms of video game design, there isn’t really that much to make Adventure Town stand it. It’s a basic city building town in which your heroes defend the people of your homeland.

The Best Games Like Destiny (Or games that tried and came close, at least)


Destiny is the most hotly anticipated games of the year. An online multiplayer RPG FPS, Destiny is considered to be the spiritual successor to Halo, coming from game developer Bungie. Destiny is set place far into the future. An evil entity known simply as “Darkness” has begun plaguing worlds and wiping out humanity all around the universe. Humans have reached a point in technology where they have been able to colonize other planets in the solar system and this “Darkness” has wiped out every last planet, except for Earth. Another entity known as “The Traveler” now hovers above the last remaining safe city on our planet and enables playing characters (known as Guardians) to wield a powerful force known as “Light”.

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Games Like Tomodachi Life We’re Totally Hooked On

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is a fantastically bizarre game that falls somewhere between Animal Crossing and The Sims and incorporates otaku culture to create an unforgettably unique gaming experience.

At times, Tomogachi Life is downright hilarious, and at other times it’s completely flabbergasting (editor: “flabbergasting”? Heh.). You’re in charge of looking after a bunch of Miis, who need food and water and also like certain niceties and luxuries. They also love playing in minigames and letting you know what’s happening in their lives on their home island via a news desk.

The Best Games Like Minecraft, Online, No Download– iPad, Steam, iPhone. . .


Minecraft is one of the most open ended games ever made, allowing players to explore random generated worlds and to construct and build various buildings, objects and other elements. Minecraft became one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players playing every day. Because of this, there have been many more games like Minecraft, made by video game developers all around the world. You can find more games like Minecraft in our list below.

20+ Games Like Mabinogi


Mabinogi is a Korean MMORPG by video game developer devCAT studio. The game is based on Irish mythology (despite the fact that the name is taken from Welsch mythology). The game engine uses heavily stylised hand painted textures to create a unique aesthetic. The game is constantly evolving through important “Generations” and “Seasons” (updates). These bring new features like skills and pets, and new areas and also progress the storyline.

Games Like The Last of Us

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the best games of 2013 and was made by video game developer Naughty Dog. An action adventure survival horror game with an excellent story, The Last Of Us was critically acclaimed and gave players one of the best gaming experiences of all time.

In the game you play Joel who is escorting Ellie over a post apocalyptic United States. You use guns and various improvised weapons to defeat humans and zombies as you try to stay alive in a world plagued by infection.

The Best Games Like Journey for PC, Mac, Android and More


Journey is one of the most original games of all time and the brain child of video game designer Jenova Chen and video game developer ThatGameCompany. Like most of ThatGameCompany’s work, Journey is an experimental and emotional gaming experience.

Journey tells an ambiguous story in a barren wasteland full of ruins. When you begin your adventure your character is in a dessert. They have no name, no backstory and no purpose. The purpose of Journey is for you yourself to discover. The only thing you can see is a mountain in the distance. Journey then proceeds to tell its story through mosaics and glyphs, with the occasional cutscene filling details in.

20+ Games Like Hitman Absolution for PC, XBox 360, PS3 and More

Hitman Absolution

Hitman is one of the founding fathers of stealth assassination games and has seen numerous releases on many different platforms. Hitman games are all about Agent 47 and his adventures and conflicts with his owners. He’s a master of assassination, stealthily tracking down and eliminating his targets.

Gameplay in the Hitman series is split up into different levels which assign you to a different target. You must use stealth to make take down your target, though sometimes you’ll approach head on. There’s a story to the game too, some way in which the various targets are brought together. What, you didn’t just think this was mindless gratuitous violence, did you? 😀

Games Like Fallout 4 You Need To Play If You're A Fallout Fan


Fallout games are set in a post apocalyptic world that has been ruined by nuclear war. The original games in the series were very different to the more shooter-based gameplay of the more recent games. Games in the series are loved for their amazing stories, their fantastic worlds, the role playing game mechanics and their sense of humor. They are the sort of games that you can get completely engrossed in, spending hours playing through all the side quests and exploring every nook and cranny in the game.