Below, you can find our list of games like Strike Suit Zero. But before we look at alternative games to Strike Suit Zero let’s take a quick look at what Strike Suit Zero is in our brief review.

Strike Suit Zero Review

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Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game in which you  fly in a traditional jet-fighter-like spacecraft as well as transform into a “mech” to engage in combat in a more stationary manner. It’s a fast paced combat title in which you are in the middle of gigantic battles, fighting for the fate of Earth. You’ll take to the cockpit of a powerful transforming craft known as the Strike Suit, where — at the tap of a button — your craft will transform from a traditional fighter, to a hulking suit of space armour. It’s similar to the space combat games of the 90s but also includes new gameplay mechanics, creating a unique experience.

PRESENTATION: 9  GAMEPLAY: 8     SOUND: 8       OVERALL: 8.5 / 10


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Endless Space 

In Endless Space, you take control of one of the nine civilizations, or you may create your own. You then lead your empire to interstellar dominance as you spread yourselves throughout the galaxy.>>

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Ace Combat 

The Ace Combat series is a flight simulator style action game that includes 18 different titles (the best, IMO, being Ace Combat Assault Horizon). It was made by video game developer Namco Bandai games and has become one of the best flight simulator games.

Ace Combat games take place in fictional worlds, with fictional countries and fictional people, so as to avoid any political connotations. However, some of the events that take place in Ace Combat games are loosely based on real events and real places.


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Eve Online

Eve Online is arguably one of the best MMO RPG games of all time and because of this it has achieved a huge following, with many thousands of players online at any one time. Eve Online offers an expansive and engrossing universe for players. You can customise your own ship which you can then pilot around and absolutely enormous online universe, coming across all manner of planets, moons, space stations and more in many different and highly diverse environments.


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Elite is a space trading video game from video game developer Acornsoft, originally released in 1984. The purpose of Elite is to become the “Elite” by increasing your combat rating.

Elite was one of the first games ever to use wire-frame 3D graphics with hidden line removal. The game also separated itself from the competition by inclusion of a Robert Holdstock novella which aimed to inspire players to improve their moral and ethical codes. At the time, Elite was a highly progressive game with 3D graphics and an advanced game engine.


In career mode you begin with only a few parts and must unlock additional parts by using science to move along a technology tree. In order to generate science you will need to perform experiments or by collecting surface samples. You must then beam science back or recover it from vessels that have landed back on Kerbin. As you collect Science you’ll be able to unlock new parts, which with which you can purchase upgrades of new equipment, allowing you to progress in your research and explorations.>>


X3 is a space trading and combat simulation game from independent video game developer Egosoft in Germay.

The game is single player and take place in the first person. It is a sci fi style space simulation game in which you explore an ever changing universe.



In Space Run you play as an intergalactic delivery boy who must take cargo from one place to the next. The gameplay features many elements based on tower defence games, while adding pirates, asteroids and other dangers. Through this all together and add a dash of humour and you’ve got a unique premise for a game.

Space Run: Discovery Trailer


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