Below, you can find our list of games like Sneaky Sneaky. But before we look at alternative games to Sneaky Sneaky let’s take a quick look at what Sneaky Sneaky is in our brief review.

Sneaky Sneaky Review:   Sneaky Sneaky is a turn based adventure game with stealth based tactical gameplay. It’s available for PC, Mac and iOS. The story follows the adventure of an anti-hero who has been imprisoned but subsequently escaped. In the adventure he’ll vindicate himself as he reclaims a stolen treasure.

The gameplay is fairly simple, with basic and approachable tactical turn based gameplay. It’s easy to pick up and play, and doesn’t have too much depth to it, but it’s still cute and fun. There are quite a lot of different enemies and items to discover, along with puzzle mechanics that add some variety to the proceedings.

I love the visual style of the game. It’s clear, cute, and charming; similar to older RPG adventure games–it will definitely have you smiling as you think back to your favorite old games.

Perhaps the best thing about Sneaky Sneaky is the intuitive controls. It’s really easy to get into the game, even for absolute beginners, and unlike a lot of indie games, you won’t find yourself irritated by a poor control scheme.

All in all, Sneaky Sneaky is a solid adventure game that will leave a grin on your face. Check it out via the link below, or see our list of recommended similar games at the bottom.

PRESENTATION: 8.5  GAMEPLAY: 8.5    SOUND: 8       OVERALL: 8.5 / 10



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Games Like Sneaky Sneaky

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Chain Chronicle 

Chain Chronicle is a fully voice Japanese role playing game (JRPG). It features some very interesting gameplay mechanics and a deep turn based combat system.>>

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Mattie is a summoner who can use his abilities to use monsters, sort of in a Pokemon-style way. The one thing Mattie loves above everything else is money. That’s right. He’s extremely shallow. Not much of a hero, really. He’s no interest in fame, honor or nobility, just cold hard cash. Then one day Mattie stumbles upon a woman in a den full of monsters. She promises to pay Mattie 100 million in gold (whole lot of mulah that) if he can be victorious in a tournament that will determine the greatest sorceror in the world. Clearly this woman is up to something–no one offers that sort of cash–but just what exactly is she after? Mattie journeys off to sin the battle and to earn his cash reward.


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Legends of Grimrock 

In Legends of Grimrock, you take command of a customisable, four-character party that you play in a first person perspective. The members of your party can be human, lizrdman, insectoid or minotaur, each of which has their own distinct strengths and weaknesses, and one of three archetypes: fighter, mage or rogue. Your party has been convicted of horrendous crimes and cast into a pit atopMountGrimrock. They’ll find redemption and freedom if they can escape.


Disgaea 4

Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten is a tactical role playing game made by video game developer Nippon Ichi Softwarre. The game tells the story of an ex tyrant called Valvatorez, who is leading a group of rebels against the president of the netherworld.

Puzzles and Dragons

Puzzles and Dragons is a Japenese puzxle game by video game developer GungHo Online Entertainment. The game is a turn based strategy game on split screen in which you fight various dragons and monsters by completing a tile-matching gaming. In each turn of the game the player has a set amount of time to make a move. There are elemental drops that correspond to the player’s monster and to their health. By making combos you’ll inflict damage on the opponent in order to win the fight.

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