Do you remember the Moomins TV show? It was one of the cutest and most loveable cartoons on TV. And you will be watching it again soon.

A Finnish production company called Gutsy Animations are going to bring your favorite cartoon, the Moomins, to new viewers.

The original Moomins were created by Tove Jannsson way back in 1945. Tove Jannsson was born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. She wrote The Little Trolls, which is the book that the Moomins is based on.

The Moomins went on to become Finlands biggest cultural export, and still are. So clearly the Moomins are very important to Finland. And you will be pleased to hear that the Moomins are staying in Finland, because animation studio Gutsy Animations are based in Helsinki, the same place Tove Jannsson was born.

The Moomins have a proud TV history. In the late 1970s the Moomins stop-animation was created. Then in 1990 the cartoon came out. An animated Moomin film was released in 2015. And that has led to this, the new Moomins TV showing coming out in 2019.

The new Moomin show is going to appeal to both fans of the original show and new viewers and will use both 2D and 3D animation. The environments will be 2D and the Moomin characters themselves will be 3D.

If you love the Moomins, you will be pleased to hear that the team working on the new project is highly experienced and very highly regarded. Steve Box will direct, and he had worked on the much-loved Wallace and Gromit.

There is a crowdfunding page that is aiming at a target of $200,000. If you donate you will receive special perks, including personal postcards and a trip to Moominworld theme park in Finland.

Take a look at this gorgeous concept art. We can’t wait to watch this show in 2019.

new moomin tv show concept art

moomin-the-invisible-child-_second-visual-concept-released-from-moomin_ moominland-midwinter-_first-visual-concept-from-new-animation-the-moomin_

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