Below, you can find our list of games like Nano Assault Neo. But before we look at alternative games to Nano Assault Neo let’s take a quick look at what NAN is in our brief review.

Nano Assault Neo Review

Nano Assault Neo is a twin stick shoot em up made by video game developer Shin en Multimedia and released for Wii eShop and Wii U, and now for PS4. It’s the sequel to the 3DS title Nano Assault.

Nano Assault Neo is fairly typical shoot em up affair, but it takes an interesting theme. You go up again the Nanstray virus, which is threatening to eliminate humanity. To do that you pilot a capsule through body cells that are attacking the body. The game features 4 clusters each with 4 levels. You play progressively, unlocking one level at a time. There are tokens to collect that allow for upgrades like weapons and shields, and there are also online leaderboards, and  a local multiplayer.

Nano Assault Neo is a solid shoot em up that is a little light on content but which features excellent graphics and presentation. If there’s one criticism it has to be that it’s too familiar to other games. It copies a lot, but it also polishes and perfects.

PRESENTATION: 9  GAMEPLAY: 8     SOUND: 8       OVERALL: 8.5 / 10


Alternative Games Like Nano Assault Neo

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      Games Like Nano Assault Neo      : Cyberpunk 3776


You know exactly what you’re getting when you pick up an arcade shooter em up. You’re getting extremely fast paced action with bullets flying all over the place and things being blown up non-stop. The genre is simple; delightfully simple. It holds no qualms about creating deep experiences, it just delivers blistering action right through to the end. It’s a genre that has never really changed.


Games Like Nano Assault Neo         2 : Aqua Kitty 

Aqua Kitty: milk Mine Defender has the best premise for any gamer EVER; seriously. A shortage of milk has led cats to seek out new sources. To get their paws on that milk they’ll have to overcome their fear and drill beneath the seabed in order to excavate naturally flowing full-fat milk.


Games Like Nano Assault Neo         3

Drunk Robot Pornography 

Drunk Robot Pornography is crazy—as though the title didn’t make that clear. It’s an arena based single-players FPS which is insanely chaotic and unrelenting. It’s going to kick your ass, and you’re going to like it, like some fetishist who can’t get enough Drunk Robot Pornography.


Games Like Nano Assault Neo         4

Jets n Guns 

Developer Rake in Grass have designed one of the most stylish shooter em ups of the year, with their new title Jets ‘n’ Guns, a uniquely designed game with a fresh aesthetic, scalable difficulty and a great sense of humour. As though that weren’t enough, genre newcomers have even more reason to rejoice as Snake in Grass have created one of the most approachable, beginner-friendly shooters on the market.

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Games Like Nano Assault Neo         7

AirMech is a RTS (real time strategy) game which is free to play. AirMech was heavily influenced by the classic Herzog Zwei, one of the best strategy games of all time. Released on Google Apps in 2012 it later was released on Steam. It is free to play, but has many microtransactions availabble.


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