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If you’re looking for more great games like Feral Heart, we’ve created a list of title that you’re going to love. You can see our personal picks for the best games like Feral Hearts below, or choose games by theme and genre.

Games with similar themes and genres

Animals: Feral Heart is a game that’s all about animals. In Feral Hearts you play as a lion and explore the animals land, hunting prey and doing everything that  alion must do to survive. Feral Hearts provides a realistic depiction of the animals life. There are many similar games out there. We’ve gone ahead and created a collection of the best games with animals for you to enjoy. Find them here: Games with Animals. 


Simulation: In terms of its gameplay, Feral Hearts is a realistic simulation game. There are many different simulation games on the market, allowing you to play as different animals, or to simulate various businesses, vehicles and tons of other things. If you love this style of game, check our list of the best simulation games.



Here’s my pick of the best games like Feral Heart

In our list of games like Feral Heart you’ll find the best cute animal simulation games.  There are games like Feral Heart (and Apps) for your iPhone  and iPad, for Android, Windows, Mac, PS3 / PS4, and games like Feral Heart online for free with no download. Some games are from 2016, some earlier than that. So be sure to look at them all to find the best game for you. 




Wolf Quest WolfQuest is a virtual world experience in which you play as a wolf. The game simulates the life of a wolf. Since its release in 2007 the game has found fans among both virtual world gamers and animal lovers. Best of all, the game has educated millions of people about wolves and the environment

More Games Like Wolfquest


Platform: Browers

Feral Heart is a truly beautiful game. It’s a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) that lets you take the role of various animals. It’s free to play and you can connect with other gamers via the game.

In Fearl Heart you create your avatar (an animal) and then explore a realistic nature environment. You have to live out the life of the animal, surviving and getting food. You’ll also get to make friends and form packs.

Take a look at the video.

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Animal Jam 


Animal Jam is a virtual playground online that is full of beautiful scenes of the outdoors. Animal Jam is a co-production between video game developer Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Global Media.

This is one of the mosto fun animal games out. It looks super cute, has great gameplay, and best of all it’s made by National Geograhic, so you know it’s full of lots of facts about animals and nature.

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Dogzer is a free to play game that any fan of dogs will love. It merges the premise of a social network with traditional MMO gaming. Dogzer lets you adopt a virtual dog and look after it while participating in a large community of dog lovers.

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Foopets was made by a registered veterinarian. The site promises the most realistic pets in any game. They get hungry and thirsty, enjoy playing with toys, crave attention, and love being spoiled by their owners. FooPets provide true companionship, and remind people of all ages of the commitment and joy of pet ownership.

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Horzer is the exact same game as Dogzer but with the obvious difference that it’s about horses instead of dogs.

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PLATFORM: PlayStation 3

In Africa you play as either Anna, a zoologist, or as Eric, a journalist. Your mission is to explore the Manyanga Conservation, which is in a part of Africa which the game leaves unspecified. During the game you will be set various assignments via email in your camp. You can probably tell already that Africa is a fairly original game and there aren’t really too many games like Africa, though we have included some in or list below.

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