Half Life 2 captured the hearts of gamers in a way very few games do, and a large part of that is thanks to its story.


In terms of storytelling, Half Life was one giant leap for gaming. The story of Half Life tells of scientists who open the space time continuum, which accidentally allows a load of evil aliens to enter earth and make people their slaves. Science. . . NO!

Anyway, Half Life is a complex and utterly compelling story, and what makes it so compelling is the way the storytelling flows with the game’s action.

Action never stops in Half Life. There are no cutscenes, so as to allow the game to flow, and the story is told as you play the game, creating a deeper sense of immersion.  Playing Half Life, you truly feel as though you are involved in the fight against the aliens. You actually get to believe that you are Gordan Freeman.

Most game create a vague sense of believability  Half Life leaps out of the screen and invades your very soul.

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Paul Harrison

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