It’s hard deciding the game with the best story because, after all, there are literally thousands of good stories in games. Gamers all have their own opinion of what the game with the best story is, some preferring stories about war like those in Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid. Others prefer stories with deep characters, like Heavy Rain and The Longest Journey, and other yet prefer funny stories like Grim Fandango.

How we’ve chosen the games with the best story

Over the coming pages of this article we will be looking at many different types of stories, all containing different kinds of characters as we decide which game has the best story of them all.

We’ll also be looking at games on all different systems, including PS3, XBOX 360, PC, Wii and older systems.

All of the games that we have chosen to include in our list of the games with the best stories are masterpieces of their own genres. All include strong characters who you truly want to get to know and who you will care about.

Of course, a story in a video game is different to a story in a book or film. A game’s story must make the gamer want to play the game and want to get involved with every aspect of the game. A good story in a RPG, for instance, will not just keep the player playing, but will make the player seek out all manner of side quests and hidden areas to get the player to discover every single detail of the games plot.

Hit the next button and we will begin our look at the games with the best stories. Remember to include your own comments at the bottom of each page so other gamers can know how you feel about the story of the game being discussed.


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