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In our list of games like Wildstar you’ll find many of the best science fiction and fantasy massively muliplayer online role playing games. We think we’ve selected the very best games like Wildstar, but we welcome your opinion. Vote your favorite games up in our lists by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Wildstar Trailer: All 13 Cinematic Trailers

Games Like Wildstar 

In order to help you find the perfect game, we’ve broken WildStar down into its genres. Perhaps you like the sci fi setting. Maybe the MMO gameplay. Perhaps character leveling options. Choose which aspects of Wildstar you want in your next game and we’ll find the best games for you.

Character Customisation and Leveling Games

One of the best aspects of WildStar is the tons of options you get when creating your character. You get to make your character precisely as you want them and then you get to level them up as you see fit. If you like this aspect of WildStar check out our list of games with the best > Character Customisation 


Player Vs PLayer Games

One thing that separates WildStar from a lot of other RPG games is the fact that it’s focused on Player VS Player action. If you love facing off against different human players, check out our list of the best games with > PVP Gameplay. 



This bit probably goes without saying, but if you’re new to gaming in general you might be wondering what genre WildStar is exactly. It’s a RPG. There are literally tons of RPGs on the market. We’ve gone ahead and selected the best RPG games for you to play. Check out our list of the > best RPG games.



Our choices for Games like WildStar

Finally, here’s our personal choices for the best games like WildStar. . .






World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the biggest massively multiplayer online role playing game of all time. In the game you create your own characters and customise them as you see fit. You then enter a fantasy world and interact with the other characters, both NPCs and humans. There are tons of different areas to explore, quests to complete and many different player versus player modes.




Wartune is a free to play RPG that plays inside the browser so you don’t need to download it. The gameplay is fairly standard fantasy role playing game affair, with turn based combat. The game was released in 2013 and quickly became very popular, partly because it is very easy to pick up and play.



Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade is a single player action RPG set in medieval times. It was developed by TaleWorlds and released in September 2006. Mount and Blade was then given a sequel called Warband in 2010. If you haven’t played Mount and Blade yet and you’re looking for a good game like X3 or a game like Eve Online, this is the perfect choice.



Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is the online MMO version of the highly popular Elder Scrolls games. It was created by video game developer ZeniMax Online Studios and released in 2014.



Neverwinter Nights

everwinter Nights is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game for Windows and was created by video games developer Cryptic Studios. It is based on the Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter. In the game you can choose from one of six character classes and form groups of up to five player characters. The game is based on a version of Dungeons and Dragons and features many D&D elements like Action Points and healing powers. You can gain action points as you play and use them to level up your characters. You can also create your own quests and adventures by using the games “Foundry” content creation system. The game also features a very strong storyline which gets players hooked into the action and the fantasy world.




Mabinogi is a Korean MMORPG by video game developer devCAT studio. The game is based on Irish mythology (despite the fact that the name is taken from Welsch mythology). The game engine uses heavily stylised hand painted textures to create a unique aesthetic. The game is constantly evolving through important “Generations” and “Seasons” (updates). These bring new features like skills and pets, and new areas and also progress the storyline.




Everquest is a highly popular 3D fantasy themed MMO RPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) from video game developer Sony Online Entertainment, originally released in 1999. EverQuest is widely considered one of the best MMORPGs of all time.

A lot of the video game design of Everquest is based on text-based multi-use dungeon games (MUD) which themselves were inspired mostly from D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). You create your own character / avatar and choose one of sixteen different races (humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, trolls, cat-people, ogres, frog-people, lizard-people and dragon people).




Vindictus is an online role playing game made by Korean video game developer devCAT and is the prequel to the popular MMORPG Mabinogi. The game takes place in the same universe as Mabinogi buthundreds of years prior to the events in Mabinogi, during a time of war. The game is free to play but there are many items available for purchase in the in-game store.




Wizard101 is a massively multplayer online role playing game for children and has them creating their own character and learning wizardry. The game offers most of the aspects of traditional MMORPGs but is completely safe for younger gamers. Because Wizard101 was such a highly popular and successful game, it lead to the creation of a similar game called Pirate101, which is the same basic game but based on the theme of pirates.



Ultima Online

Ultima Online is a classic MMORPG and has been considered the greatest MMORPG of all time. It has been hugely instrumental in the development of the genre. Played online in a fantasy setting, Ultima Online has everything you could want from a MMORPG.



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