Looking for more great games like Wild Ones? Games you can play on game servers and on Facebook, or on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and consoles? Great. We’ve got a ton of them.

When we were putting together our list of games like Wild Ones we wanted to give you guys the absolute best games. But exactly what type of games would you, Wild Ones fans, want to play?

Well, for starters, Wild Ones is a multi-player turn-based strategy game. Turn based strategy games (which are also called TBSs) have been very popular for a long time. If you’re an older gamer you will remember the classic Command and Conquer, a realistic military-based TBS. It’s a great game that is like Wild Ones but is much more realistic. That’s one type of game Wild Ones fans might enjoy.

Wild Ones, of course is a shooting game. But it is a specific type of shooting game. The type of combat in Wild Ones is called “Artillery gameplay”. Artillery games are about lining up a shot and firing. It’s a classic gameplay mechanic that you will see in everything from Angry Birds to Worms. If you like Wild Ones you will enjoy artillery games. I though you would want to see a list of good artillery games. So I made one for you.

Another great aspect of Wild Ones is that it’s funny. The wars you get into with those little critters are a real blast, aren’t they? How many times have you laughed out loud over something that happened in Wild Ones? A lot? Me too. And there are lots of other funny games you will love.

Oh. And I should tell you. When I was working on this list of games like Wild Ones I heard the good news. A new version of Wild Ones is up.

But if you’ve already played Wild Ones Private Wars and you want another game like Wild Ones, what should you play?


Here are some of the best games like Wild Ones…

In this list of games like Wild Ones you’ll find the best artillery games. There are games like Wild Ones (and Apps) for your iPhone  and iPad, for Android, Windows, Mac, PS3 / PS4, and games like Wild Ones online for free with no download. So be sure to look at them all to find the best game for you. 



Worms is one of the most popular funny games ever. In it you play as a troop of worms who have all manner of weapons at their disposal. They’ll use rocket launchers, grenades and other weapons in order to win a fight against other worms.


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Platforms: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS

Hedgewars is a turn- based artillery game that is very similar to Worms and WarMUX. In Hedgewars you play as a team of Hedgehogs (gotta love Hedgehogs) who battle across a dangerous landscape fighting either CPU or human enemies.

When it’s your turn you get to select one of your hedgehogs and use weapons and tools to kill the enemy. When you kill all the enemies you win the game.  You also have to watch out for destructible environments that can harm either you or the enemy. There are lots of great weapons and tools for you to use, including parachutes that allow to access specific areas. Your turns are limited in duration so you have to think fast. Other weapons available include cluster bombs, bazookas, UFOs, shotguns, baseball bats, dynamite, and land mines.

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Pocket Tanks

Available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows Phones

Pocket Tanks is a two player game by Blitwise Productions that is based on an earlier games called Scorched Tanks, one of the the real classic artillery games.

Pocket Tanks features the same sort of gameplay as Wild Ones but is based on tanks. It has tons of weapons and a decent physics system. Weapons include explosive shells, homing missiles and guns.

The objective in Pocket Tanks is to use the weapons to attack the opponent’s tank, for which you will earn points. You can also destroy the environment so you can destroy part of the environment to raise and isolate your tank so it’s safer. You can also create tunnels and bunkers. So, the way you control the environment is a really important strategic aspect.

Once you’ve played with all the regular weapons you can then download additional packs, of which there are a whopping 25 different packs, making 320 weapons.


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Gravitee Wars 

Platforms: Browser

Gravitee Wars is like Wild Ones in the sense that it is a slingshot-style artillery game. But it takes a totally different theme.

In Gravitee Wars you are in space. Your view is of a galaxy of planets, and there are spacemen standing on the planets You select one of the spacemen, pull back and launch him into outer space. He then flies towards enemy planets and inflict damage thanks to the power of gravity.

This is definitely one of the most unique artillery games that I’ve played. Give it a shot.



Go Home Dinosaurs


Platforms: Windows

Go Home Dinosaurs is a game that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Its theme is universal, but it offers a depth of strategy that will get you hooked into its defence gameplay regardless of your age. In the game, you set up your weapons (which are manned by cute-looking gophers) and have them attack that pesky dinosaur.

Every level of Go Home Dinosaurs has a unique map on which you can position your defensive effort around the paths the dino will walk down. In order to get hold of your weapons you’ll need to unlock them by completing level. As with most Tower Defence game you must take finance into account. The currency in Go Home Dinosaurs! Is coconuts, which are obtained from palm trees. Click on a palm tree and you’ll grab coconuts. Clicking on the tree will also move your character to that spot. Once you have your coconuts you can spend them on cards, which are essentially towers.

The gameplay set-up is easy to grasp. Both younger and older gamers will get to grips with it quickly, but thanks to the strategy involved there is also a healthy level of longevity.

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Bad Piggies


A hilarious physics based puzzle game.


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