In our list of games like Virtual Families we’ve included many of the best virtual world games with social aspects. We think we’ve chosen the best games like by Virtual Families, but maybe you’ve got a different opinion. If we’ve missed a game on this list, let us know about it in a comment below. Remember that you can move your favorite games up our charts by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Virtual Families is a virtual world game for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. You can play the first hour of the game completely free as a demo before purchasing the game. The versions on iOS and Android are free and are supported through in -app purchases.

In the game you essentially play as a family in a home finding a soul mate and pursuing a career. The game is intended to be just like real life and challenges players to complete real life goals and objectives. You’ll save money, upgrade your home, go shopping, fight illness and progress in a career.

The second game in the series introduced a pet system in which you can choose a pet for your family to adopt. You can also renovate your house with all sorts of customization options and there are new random events.

Virtual Families is one of the best Sim-style games on the market and definitely worth a play.

You can find our choices of the best games like Virtual Families below. Remember that by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you can influence our lists, moving your favorite games up our charts.

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