In this list of games like Slyrim you’ll find many of the best fantasy RPG games available on all different formats. If you know a great game like Skyrim that isn’t on the list already, please share it in a comment below.

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Games like Skyrim 1: Witcher 2: Assassination of the Kings

In Witcher 2 you play as famous monster hunter Geralt in a game full of combat, decision making and a brilliant story. The choices you make in the game greatly affect the game’s development to such a degree that, even more than Skyrim, you feel that you are in control of the game world.   this is one of the most immersive video games of the current genereation.

Games like Skyrim 2: Red Dead Redemption

RDR is a little different to Skyrim because it’s an open world action game with RPG elements, rather than being a fully blown RPG. That said, it does still share many of Skyrim’s qualities. The story is amazing, being set in the old west with you playing a cowboy type character. There are decisions to make and tons of deep characters. On top of all this, though, Red Dead Redemption adds great combat to create a unique RPG / action game.

Games like Skyrim 3: Fallout New Vegas

This update to Fallout 3 is full of compelling narrative. Set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic world, Fallout New Vega is another game that combines RPG gameplay with action.  There are tons of side-quests and different, interlinking stories to follow and the game world is huge.  If you love Skyrim for its huge explorable world then you will definitely like Fallout: New Vegas. And again, like Skyrim, the decision your make in the game heavily impact on the story’s development.

Games like Skyrim 4: Dark Souls

Dark Souls has one of the most immersive game world. It’s also a unique and artistic title, full of fantasy RPG elements. In the game, you fight against a ton of evil demons who want nothing more than to kill you. . . and they’re going to succeed as this is one tough cookie of a game.  Dark Souls is one for the hardcore gamer in you. If you love a huge challenge and like to be made to pay for your in-game mistakes, then you’re going to absolutely love this game.

Games like Skyrim 5: Fable III

Another beautiful RPG taking place in a gorgeous fantasy-style open world. Fable III is a game similar to Skyrim in theme and gameplay. The story of the game is stunning and seamlessly weaves from lighthearted comedy to more deeper and serious themes. And there are tons of important decisions to make that affect other characters. You’ll be able to become a tyrant or a hero, depending on the decisions you make.

Fable III is one of the best stories in gaming, and combined with great action and RPG elements, it comes highly recommended.

Games like Skyrim 6: Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

A lot of attention that is given to RPG games like Skyrim is thanks to their story and the size of the game’s world. It isn’t often that a RPG receives recognition for gameplay. Kingdoms of Amalur makes up for that. The game’s world isn’t as big as Skyrim’s and the story isn’t as immersive, but the action is spectacular.

Though you do get to develop your character in Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, the customisation and character development is nowhere near as good as Skyrim. The graphics aren’t a patch on Skyrim either.  The only real reason to get Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is if you love combat and want a RPG with great action sections.

Games like Skyrim 7: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 is like a combination of basic RPG elements with amazing stealth action. You play Connor Kenway in the middle of the American Revolution. You can fight for either side of the revolution, though the game mostly aims to set Connor as an individual, not biased towards either political side of the war.

As Connor Kenway you’ll get to make important decisions, will be engaged in amazing combat which allows for both stealth and all-out action, and will even get to play such amazing gameplay segments as the naval battle.

Assassin’s Creed 3 was one of the best games of 2012, so if you haven’t played it yet it’s definitely worthy of your consideration.


Games like Skyrim 7: Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is precisely the kind of deep story / huge open world game that Skyrim fans love.  This entrant in the series is simpler than its predecessor, with simple and basic inventory management and fewer character classes. That said, it’s still a deep and immersive adventure to get into.

   Games like Skyrim 8: Dishonored

Dishonored won the BAFTA for best game this year, so naturally it’s an exceptional title. It takes place in a port which is riddled with the plague. In this setting you play as Corvo Attano, who has been sentenced to death. You must escape, but doing so will mean heavy emotional choices that affect the game world.

Dishonored has a ton of side-quests and character stories to discover. It’s also one of the most unique titles of this generation. While it ticks the right boxes for Skyrim fans (large open world, deep story etc) it’s certainly no Skyrim-ripoff. Dishonored is its own game, and a game which has met critical acclaim around the world.

I would personally recommend Dishonored before any other game on this list.

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