In this list of games like Second Life you’ll find online virtual world games that allow you to create and control an avatar and live their lives out, like in Second Life. These games include dressing up, getting your avatar a job, meeting people and making friends and other elements of real life. If you know another great game like Second Life, please let us know in a comment below. Thank you.


Games Like Second Life 1 : There  

this is a 3D virtual world game that has been popular since launch in 2001.  It allows you to do pretty much anything that you would do in real life, creating your avatar, getting your home and decorating it and so on. It includes voice chat so you can get to know people too.

Games like Second Life 2: Smeet

This free Browser based game is a really good social title that includes loads of fun games. It has over one million players and isavailable in many languages. You don’t need to download the game either as its browser / flash based. Smeet includes all the same features as Second Life.

 Games like Second Life 3: Blue Mars

This is one of the best virtual world games like Second Life as is hugely popular. It focuses on social gaming and has a large amount of user generated content. The game is futuristic and aims to provie insights into our future, making it a very unique title indeed.

Games like Second Life 4: Active Worlds

This game like Second Life is based on user generated content. there are many different areas to explore in Active World’s 3D world  and there are tons of features, including voice chat. The main focus of the game is on building and creating new content, which happens at a phenomenal rate thanks to the game’s many players.


 Games like Second Life 5: IMVU

IMVU is one of the most popular games on this list with a user base of more than fifty-five million players. The biggest draw for IMVU is its item catalogue which includes over 10 million different items, the majority of which have been created by gamers themselves. In the catalogue you’ll find clothing, furniture, avatars, rooms and tons more.

Games like Second Life 6: Twinity

This title was one of the original 3D virtual world experiences to be created. The focus of the game is on recreating real life cities, though there is also a ton of user generated content. Twinity players can developer and create tons of products, creating shops or building and bars and clubs.  There’s also a badge system, which is the game’s rewards system, rewarding various in-game achievements.

 Games like Second life 7: Entropia Universe

This is a huge online universe that has most of the stuff you’d expect from an online virtual world. the game is set on different planets and has its own currency, which is worth 10:1 US dollars. In other words, items are worth real money.    the sci-fi universe of Entropia makes it quite unique in the virtual world realm.



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