In this list of games like Runescape you’ll find the very best MMO RPGs set in stunning fantasy worlds. Runescape has been at the very top of this genre for a long time, but that’s not to say there aren’t a ton more similar games that are great to play too.  Choose one of the games below, play it, then come back and choose another (oh, and remember to bookmark this page so you can come back for more games like Runescape!)

Also, if you’re a big fan of Runescape I think you’ll like THESE GAMES TOO. 

  Games like Runescape 1: Knight Online

The first of our games like Runescape is Knight Online, a free to play game that relies on in-game purchases for profit. You can buy tons of great items and services. But the basic game is good too.  Join a faction (either El Morad or Karus) and fight for your side’s victory. This isn’t as good a game as Runescape but it is a solid alternative.

 Games like Runescape 2: Sherwood Dungeon

This 3D title is a game like Runescape with no download.  It’s another MMO RPG taking place in a beautiful fantasy world. You play the game direct from your browser even though it has stunning 3D graphics.  This MMO is simple and immediately accessible, making it a great game for beginners.


Games like Runescape 3: Tibia

This game is very much like the old Runescape and is free to play. It was originally released back in 1997  so there is absolutely masses of content. You’ll be playing this game for hours and hours. The game has four different classes, PvP, is very easy to get into and in terms of system requirements, you could pretty much play this on your grandma’s comp from 1980.

Games like Runescape 4: Last Chaos

Another amazing free game like Runescape with no download, this one it very typical of the MMORPG genre, so you’ll feel familiar with it immediately. There’s lots to explore, tons of content and a very high level cap so you have the motivation to keep on playing it.

Last Chaos has 6 classes with 31 levels to ascend through.  Probably the best part of the game is its strong community.


Games like Runescape 5: Conquer Online

Conquer Online is one of the quickest and most action packed games on this list. It has tons of different character choices and a really good leveling system. Since the game updated itself and included pirated it has become called “Conquer Online 2: Invasion of Pirates.”

With the pirates there are now a total of seven classes. There are 85 skills and the level cap is 140. So there is a heck of a lot to do in this game!  It’s also one of the better games for people with lesser systems as its very basic (has low level system requirements).



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