I’ve been on the look for more games like OurWorld. And I’ve found a whole bunch of games like OurWorld that I think you will love.

Whether your’e looking for a game like OurWorld online to play for free in your browser, or a game for iOS or Android, or even a game for PC, PS4 or XBox One, I’ve got some great games for you.


If you are a fan of OurWorld, you probably enjoy social games for teenagers, right? And you are probably a big fan of virtual world games that you can play in your browser.  One of the best is OMGPOP. It’s a browser-based game where you hang out with other people and play fun multiplayer mini-games online. There are lots of other games like that too. You can read about them in our collection of browser games.




One of the best parts of OurWorld is that it lets you create your own character avatar and there are lots of great customisation options. You can update your character by spending money too. So you can create a really cool character.

If you like creating cool characters, you will love Club Cooee. It’s a very similar game to OurWorld. You create your own character, meet friends, and play tons of great mini-games. So definitely take a look at Club Cooee using that link.


OurWorld also has tons of great mini-games for you to play. There are casual single player and multiplayer games that you can chill out playing. And all the games are very quick and easy to get into. There are lots of similar games with mini-games. One example is Habbo, which has tons of fun mini games to play.


So those are some of the games like OurWorld that you should look at. But there are tons more. Here are my personal picks of the best games like OurWorld.


My Favourite Games Like OurWorld

Whether you’re looking for an Ourworld type of app / game for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PS4 or XBox One you’ll find it below. There are tons of great games. Some of them are online to play in your browser for free with no download. Other require download. Some are paid games. Take a look.



Woozworld is a social networking and virtual world game which was released in 2009. The vast majority of WoozWorld’s players are kids and teenagers, but there are also some adults who play because of the games social networking.

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Play it here

OMGPOP was a game studio within Zynga Inc famous for making many excellent social and casual games. The home page of OMGPOP defined their work best: “A place to hang out, play free online multiplayer games, and make friends.”OMGPop (formerly i’minlikewithyou or iilwy), stylized as OMGPOP, was a former game studio by Zynga Inc., and casual online multiplayer gaming website built entirely in Adobe Flash.[2] OMGPop states on its homepage that it is

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Second Life

Play it Here

Second Life, as the name might suggest, attempts to be much more than a game and instead presents itself as a second lifestyle. In Second Life, you play in a virtual would that is kinda like the real world, except for the fact that you can fly and teleport.

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OSU! Online


Online (dedicated game server)

In OSU! a song is played and you must perform different actions in time with the beat. A list of actions is given in sequential order and you must perform those actions to the music. The actions are: Spinners, Sliders and Hit Circles.

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The Sims is a social simulation / sandbox game that encourages gamers to be creative. In EA’s hugely popular series you essentially play through a simulation of real life in a sandbox world viewed from the top down. The game is very “free” with no real goals or objectives, allowing you to play as you see fit.


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> The Sims on Amazon

Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a virtual world game for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. You can play the first hour of the game completely free as a demo before purchasing the game. The versions on iOS and Android are free and are supported through in -app purchases.

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> Get Virtual Families on Amazon



Club Cooee


Club Cooee is a social networking chat room which is certain to please fans of games like Second Life and IMVu. The games was published by Cooee GmbH and is highly popular with many thousands of players online.

Like other games like Clue Cooee, this game is full of tons of different mini games and allows you to create your own unique chat room. As you would expect, you are also able to create and to customise your own avatar so that you can recreate yourself and create any personality you like.

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Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers is a virtual world village simulation game made by video game developer Last Day Of Work, an independent developer. It’s available for Mac, PC and for devices. The game is similar to other virtual world games like The Sims.

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Browser (flash player)

Stardoll is a popular community game for girls with millions of members. In the game you create your own character / avatar (called a MeDoll) and go shopping, dress up and do various community events.

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IMVU is an online based multiplayer social website that was started in 2004 and soon became one of the most popular online games. In IMVU you play as a 3D avat which you create yourself. You then chat, create and play various games with other people. IMVU has burgeoned in popularity to have more than 3 million online players.

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