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Neopets is a game all about creating and taking care of virtual animals. It has a rich online community and offers tons of different customisation options for your animals.

Games like Neopets 



In this list of games like Neopets we’ll be looking at the best title that allow you to look after pets. These games were developed by video game designers who specialise in the genre, so you can rest assured that they are all good!

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Games like Neopets

Subeta : Create your own human avatar then choose and look after your very own pet. There are tons of people play who you can make friends with plus there are over 60 different species of pets that you can adopt. And if that isn’t enough, you’ll even find loads of clothes and accessories to customize your character.

Moshi Monsters: Moshi Monsters is one of the msot popular games in the world. In it you choose your weird monster-pet and look after it. There’s a massive community and tons of games to play.

Marapets: A free pet site that has more than twenty one virtual worlds. There are people to make friends with, community events and tons of other games to discover on the game’s website.

Creature Breeder: This is one of the best games like Neopets and works as a community of farms where you look after your pet. There are tons of players to play with, loads of different pets, the ability to decorate your area and choose toys to play with. And importantly, this game is safe and fun.

Webkinz: In this game like Neopets you get to design and decorate your room, fill it with toys and play with a cute durry creature. The game is designed for 6 to 13 year olds.

Pizie Hallow: on a list of games like Neopets, this one is the least like Neopets, but it’s great anyway.  In it you adopt an animated character with whom you explore beautiful green meadows. You can create your characters, which range from snowmen to fairies, meet other  layers and play tons of mini-games.

Power Pets: The final title in our list of games like Neopets, this one contains more than 80 different adorable pets for you to adopt. You get to train them and teach them different skills, as well as playing in tons of really fun mini-games.


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