In this list of games like Monster Hunter we’ll be looking at some of the best title in the Action Adventure / fantasy genre; the best games with a similar video game design style as Monster Hunter. We’ll cover title for Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC and more. Many of these games have been made from video game developers game software developers who specialise in the genre, so you know they’re good!



Games like Monster Hunter 1 : Gods Eater Burst

This title for Sony’s PSP has you fighting against giant monsters with a ton of awesome weaponry, including both guns and swords.  You move freely through the field of battle and there are no load times (always a plus!)  The graphics are good for a PSP game and there’s enough variety to the gameplay to keep it feeling fresh.


Games Like Monster Hunter 2: Lord of Arcana

Another game similar to Lord of Arcana though not as good as Gods Eater Burst. This game has loads of loading times and the fighting isn’t as good as the previous game. Still, with tons of collectible items there’s enough here to keep you playing. Not a bad game but not the best either.


Games Like Monster Hunter 3: Hunter Blade

This game got quite a lot of hate on account of the fact that it is so blatantly a Monster Hunter clone. But heck, if you love Monster Hunter what’s wrong with a Monster Hunter clone?!  The game is a free MMORPG in which you fight tons of demonic creatures. It’s a tactical game with fairly deep combat.


Games like Monster Hunter 4: Dragon’s Dogma

You probably already know about Dragons Dogma. It’s one of the biggest and most successul (and best) games on this list. Brilliant fantasy world, great fighting, tons of content. . . there’s basically no reason not to play this game.


Games Like Monster Hunter 5:  RaiderZ

This is another free-to play MMO in which you journey through the fantasy world of Rendel, which is chock full of massive and devastating beasts. Your team of champions must use their fantasy weapons to dispatch of these terrifying beasts.


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