In this list of games like Maplestory we’ll be looking at title with a similar video games design to Maplestory. In other words, you’ll find the very best side-scrolling MMORPGs right here, made by video game developers who are masters of the genre, meaning all these games are top quality.


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Games like MapleStory 1: Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga is one of the best games similar to Maplestory and is free to play. It’s a an adventure game with a 3D side-scrolling perspective which is packed full of combat and has tons of different quests. You get to select from six classes and can control your characters development. The game includes a great story and is extremely playable.

   Games like Maplestory 2: WonderKing

This anime style MMORPG plays out in 2D side-scrolling perspective and has beautiful graphics and some really fun battles. The game’s world is huge and you’ll be exploring for hours.  You can play solo or with friends (as with most games similar to Maplestory) and get to choose from one of four basic classes.

Games like Maplestory 3: Maplestory Adventures

This is a game that was created by video game developer Nexon in order that fans of Maplestory would be able to play from their browser (in other words, without downloading the game).  In the game you can play the adventure with friends of your on your Facebook. The game is extremely simple, highly playable and naturally, very much similar to Maplestory.

 Games like Maplestory 4:   Dungeon Fighter Online

This is another great game from independent game developer Nexon and is a dungeon fighter game that plays out in 2D side-scrolling mode like Maplestory. You take control of a hero from 30 different playable classes. The game includes PvP mode and is both deep and extremely playable.   This game will last you a long time too.

Games like Maplestory 5: Trickster Online

This is a Maplestory-inspired MMORPG taking place in a beautiful fantasy world which is bright and stunning. The game is very good for players who are new to the genre as it’s easy to start and has a great difficulty curve. There are 8 playable classes and 12 stats to personalise. there are also tons of items and mini-game making for hours of gameplay.

Games like Maplestory 6: Cygnus Knights

this is one of the more fast and frantic MMORPG style games like Maplestory. It’s got a ton of great content too.  You get to journey freely through a map using the arrow keys and will be engaged in the kind of combat you would expect from and arcade fighter.  The game also features PvP.

Games like Maplestory 7: laTale

The last of our games like Maplestory, this is yet another fantasy-style 2D side-scrolling adventure which shows clear inspiration from Maplestory.  the best part of this game is the fact that it has so much character customisation. you’re basically in control of absolutely every part of your character. It also has PvP, crafting, item collection and tons of different abilities and skills.

Wind Slayer 2 is your standard 2D side-scrolling MMORPG and players of MapleStory will quickly recognise its art and interface style.

The game features six classes to explore with, complete quests and battle other players in the Arena. The best feature of Wind Slayer 2 is the experience rate which I consider to be one of the fastest of any MMORPG so you do feel constantly rewarded and satisfied.

Overall the game suffers from a small-medium playerbase that can feel you leaving lonely depending on your timezone, the repetitive quest styles and poor controls can also occasionally get tiring.


If you like games like Maplestory, you’ll also love THESE GAMES. 

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