Looking for the best games like Machinarium? The puzzle adventure genre has been falling into decline over recent years but there still are some great games like Machinarium available for PS3, XBOX 360, iPad and other mobile devices, as well as for PC.

Games like Myst 1: Myst Series

Myst is the granddaddy of point and click puzzle adventure games and one of the genres best titles even today.

In Myst you play as the Stranger, who travels to the island of Myst using a special book. In Myst you’ll travel through different “Ages,” gradually unveiling a deep backstory as you work your way through puzzles towards one of multiple endings.

The best place to start with Myst is with the brilliant tenth anniversary edition, which you can pick up for around $20 from Amazon
Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition


Games like Machinarium 2:    The 7th Guest and 11th Hour

7th Guest and 11th Hour are the works of video game developer Trilobyte. These games are classic point and click adventure games that found a massive following on PC and Mac and then made their way to iPhone.

The games feature a deep story which you gradually discover are you solve the puzzle in a large mansion.

Games like Machinarium 3: The Lost City

This is one of the best games like Machinarium for iOS and Android. Again, a classic puzzle adventure game, the story regards an old society that is able to control and manipulate the seasons. The best thing about The Lost City is its gorgeous graphics and great soundtrack and effects.

There are tons of puzzles to complete too.

Games like Machinarium 4: The Secret of Grisly Manor

You find yourself in your uncle’s mansion in The secret of Grisly Manor. There, you must solve puzzles to discover what happened to your uncle. This game is available for Android and iOS.

Games like Machinarium 5: Axel & Pixel

If you’re looking for a great game like Machinarium for XBOX360 then Axel & Pixel is probably your best bet. A point and click adventure game, Axel & Pixel is about a man and his dog (called Axel and Pixel). They wake in a dream world and must escape by solving puzzles.

Games like Machinarium 6 : Amnesia

If you like scary games that involve puzzles then Amnesia is the one for you. Even though there aren’t as many puzzles as there is in Machinarium, there are still quite a few. In the game you have to use stealth to evade monster in a huge mansion as you try to escape.

Amnesia [Download]

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