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About Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action role playing game be video game developer Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. It was made under the guidance of legendary video game designer Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy). A crossover between the Disney worlds and stories, Kingdom Hearts has found many fans among Disney fans and Square Enix fans alike.

There are seven games in the Kingdom Hearts series (but you most likely know of them all already so we haven’t included them here). Almost all games in the series have been critically acclaimed though they have received varying reviews. A veritable truckload of merchandise has been made for the games too, ranging from soundtracks to companion books to manga series.

Games in the Kingdom Hearts series are half action, half roll playing game. They feature linear progression through various levels in which you generally meet one or more famous Disney characters. Among the characters that you can meet are Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other Disney characters. The success of the games is mostly due to the gorgeous graphics and fun story, rather than the gameplay, which many consider to be minimalistic.

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Games like Kingdom Hearts





Neopets is a game all about creating and taking care of virtual animals. It has a rich online community and offers tons of different customisation options for your animals.



Abuba The Alien

Anytime NASA send people into space they make sure they are fully prepared for the ordeal. They are trained, given masters degrees, pilot licenses and are subjected to tons of vigorous training. This is to ensure that they can survive the ordeal of going into space. But aliens don’t see it that way. Aliens send any unsuspecting old sap off into space. One such alien is Abuba the Alien, star of this point and click adventure game.




ABCYA is one of the top websites when it comes to providing free educational video games for kids and children. The activities on ABCYA are designed to help kids to learn and are designed for elementary level students.

One of the best things about ABCYA is that every activity on the website has been created by actual teachers. This means that you can rest assured that your kids are playing truly helpful and encouraging games that provide a positive influence. The games available on ABCYA are free too and are modeled on the lessons kids take in elementary education. The purpose of the game is to support kids studies in schools.



Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a series of adventures with point and click gameplay similar to the popular games of the 80s. There are more than twenty four games in the series, all of which offer an immresive story for players to get wrapped up in. The series has seen games for DS, PC, Wii and many other systems.




Wizard101 is a massively multplayer online role playing game for children and has them creating their own character and learning wizardry. The game offers most of the aspects of traditional MMORPGs but is completely safe for younger gamers. Because Wizard101 was such a highly popular and successful game, it lead to the creation of a similar game called Pirate101, which is the same basic game but based on the theme of pirates.



Haunt The House Terrortown

Side Scrolling puzzle action game Haunt The House Terrortown is packed full of charming graphics and fun gameplay, making for a laid back and highly enjoyable experience.

In the game you play as a ghost who has been forced to abandon its usual haunts because the people in the town are just too darned noisy. If you’re ever to have peace again you’re going have to journey between different areas, scaring people.



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