Katawa Shoujo is one of the games that made it into our list of the absolute best interactive fiction games ever. Take a look (there are lots more games like Katawa Shoujo in the list).

On this page I’d like to talk more about Katawa Shoujo and similar games.

 In our comprehensive list of the best games like Katawa Shouko you’ll find visual novels that include a romantic dating theme, along with some excellent free games. If you would like to help us and our other readers out, please vote for your favorite games and share this page on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks a lot.

About Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo has grown to be one of the most popular visual novel games on the market since its released in 2012. The success of Katawa Shoujo is partly due to the controversy surrounding the game and also due to its unique setting. It is one of the best visual novels games on the market.

The protagonist of Katawa Shoujo is Hisaso Nakai, who develops health related complications and must attend a special school to help him to cope with his medical condition. It’s hard for him to make the adjustments to the new school and the novel represents the awkward first months, trying to meet friends and also falling in love.

Katawa Shoujo has many branching storylines and multiple endings, offering five different potential candidates. It is one of the best romantic interactive novels on the market that players can keep returning to time and again.

In our comprehensive list of the best games like Katawa Shoujo we have included many excellent visual novels and games with an emphasis on love and romance.


My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a Japanese dating simulation game / visual novel in which you play your way through a storyline, meeting various characters and choosing from a number of different choices. You’ll make decisions which will affect your relationships with other characters. As you play you’ll earn Action POints with which you can purchase items and explore the game’s world.

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Accel World

Accel world is a games based around a Japanese anime. It is available for both the PSP and for PS3. There are two games in the series, which follow back to back. For the rest of this write-up I’ll be focussing on the second game, Kosoku no Chouten. This game starts with Kuroyukihime revealing that she’s going to London when she finishes graduation. Much like the original game, this then spirals into a narrative about a fight against Chrome Disaster.



Catherine is a XBox 360 and PS3 game from video game developer Atlus, who also created Persona 3 and Persona 4. When you start playing Catherine you’ll be given four options: Babel, Colosseum, Golden Theatre and Configuration. In Golden Theatre you’ll play through the games story mode. Babel is full of complex puzzles which are randomised so they’re different each time you play.




Witcher 2

Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings is a role playing game with hack and slash gameplay and was made by video game developer CD Projekt RED for XBOX 360, Mac and Linux. The game is based aound Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels.

Choice of Kung Fu

With brilliant storytelling and a sense of immersion that will match even the best of AAA titles, Choice of Kung Fu is an absolute must for gamers wanting to get wrapped up in a rich narrative.



Facade is an interactive fiction game that won the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance in 2006. It is one of the most original and best games of all time.




Mind Zero

There really isn’t any dodging around this fact: Mind Zero is a clone of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona that adds a dollop of Etrian Odyssey in for good measure. But heck, those are some flipping good games to rip-off, so we’re forgive developer MindDev for their copycatting. Mind Zero is a game with zero originality, a dungeon crawler with turn based combat mechanics and exploration.


Persona 4

Persona 4 is a role playing game by Atlus and is the fifth installment in the series. The game is set in a fictional Japanese countryside and starts a protagonist whom you can name yourself. The protagonist is a high school student who has just moved into the area. During his stay he has been involved with investigations into murders of a mysterious nature.

Gone Home

Gone Home is an interactive fiction game that takes place in first person perspective. The story is all about exploration and is set in a home in the Pacific Northwest in 1995. You play as Kaitlin and can interact with objects using the mouse. As you move around the home you’ll need to piece together a story and examine the game world to find clues.


High School Story

High School Story is an interactive fiction / construction game by video game developer Pixelberry Studios. In the game you’ll be building your own high school and filling it with classmates and friends. you’ll get to design your own town and build the best city while watching your friends’ and classmates stories unfold.

The gameplay in High School Story is similar to other construction games in which you have various choises and various ways in which to build and decorate a town.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama and adventure within the genre of crime and thriller. Heavy Rain was a very original title for the time, delivering an interactive story in a new and exciting way. Because of its inventive game design, Heavy Rain received positive reviews and became a highly popular game.

In Heavy Rain you play as four different characters as you aim to uncover the mystery surrounding a missing child called Shaun. Released in 2010, Heavy Rain is an interactive fiction game which has received a cult following over the past few years.

The Walking Dead

Tell Tale Games’ brilliant interactive fiction horror games based on the popular TV show.


Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls is a game all about story. An interactive piece of drama with gameplay reminiscent of traditional action-adventure games, Beyond Two Souls has achieved a healthy fan following since being released in 2013. Made by video game developer Quantic Dreams, Beyond Two Souls stars Jodie, played by Ellen Page, who is one of two playable characters.




Episode Choose Your Story

Episode is a series of games in which you play through interactive visual stories and choose the way in which your character’s story develops. There are many different games in the Episode Choose Your Story series and they cover different genres, from fantasy to romance to adventure. The choices that you make in Choose Your Story games will affect the way in which your characters develop and will change what the other characters think of you.
Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action role playing game be video game developer Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. It was made under the guidance of legendary video game designer Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy). A crossover between the Disney worlds and stories, Kingdom Hearts has found many fans among Disney fans and Square Enix fans alike.




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