In our list of games like Dragon Age (below) you’ll find many of the best collectible card games. But before we get to those let’s take a look at why Heroes of Dragon age is simultaneously awesome and. . .well. . . kinda lame.


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ABOUT Heroes of Dragon Age 

When EA took the epic fantasy world that is Dragon Age and provided fans with tons of supplementary story in the form of the new game Heroes of Dragon Age, they took the series in a new direction, split their fanbase and found millions of people who love Heroes of Dragon Age, and millions that don’t.

Heroes of Dragon Age is just like tons of other digital card collecting games, of which Google Play and the App Store are rife. Well,  it’s exactly the same as those card games, except for the fact that there aren’t actually cards. Instead there are figurines of various Dragon Age characters and monsters. But from a gameplay perspective, they provide the exact same role as cards do in collectible card games.

The game then provides campaigns that are full of stories that Dragon Age fans simply love. In the campaigns you play against enemies, you playing on the right with the enemy on the left. Either you win or lose the battle. Simple.

As with most card games, you can summon different fighters that you can purchase. Buying different packs gets you different characters. The more you buy the stronger your deck becomes in a way which will be familiar to people who play Hearthstone.


Clearly, Heroes of Dragon Age is basically just a collectible card game that replaces cards with figurines. Thankfully, for fans of this game, there are tons of similar titles out there on the market.

Here’s out pick of the very best games like Heroes of Dragon Age.

Games like Heroes of Dragon Age

games like heroes of dragon age


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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a free to play card game based on the Warcraft universe. You play as a Warcraft hero who is playing a card game to chill out at one of the inns in the World of Warcraft universe. You attempt to defeat your opponents by attacking with minions, using spells or a combination of both.

There are nine basic decks in the default game but you can build new decks as you collect more cards.




It’s Pokemon. . . you already know everything you ned to know about Pokemon. . . right?



Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier provides a classic, nostalgia-laden JRPG experience for mobile gamers and adds a collectible card game on top just for good measure. The result is an extremely compelling mobile gaming experience. In Brave Frontier you set out to save a land called Grand Gaia, a magical place full of hidden powers and powerful enemies.



Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics is a strategy role playing game released in 1998. The game is, of course, based in the Final Fantasy universe but it’s more like a retro tactical RPG than any of the Final Fantasy games. Some of the Final Fantasy elements available in the game include jobs, magic and chocobos. The game takes the universe of its surrounding series and turns it into a turn based strategy game.




Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is a trading card game for PC made by video game developer Konami and based around the offline Yugioh trading card game.

In the game you duel using cards exactly like you in the offline version of the same game. You begin with a 40-60 card starter deck and will duel in order to collect more cards.



Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate is faithful to the classic Dungeons and Dragons board game and plays out in real time, though you can pause the game in order to give orders. When you pause the game during combat the game mirrors the actual board game, making this an excellent turn based strategy game. Much of the combat, like the spells for instance, have direct correlations to the board game, making this a must play game for D&D fans.



Battle Fleet 2

Turn based strategy game Battle Fleet achieves an impressive level of success when it was released. So naturally there’s been quite a lot of hype regarding its sequel, Capital J Media’s Battle Fleet 2. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting Battle Fleet 2’s release will be pleased to hear that it ticks every box you could hope for, creating one of the most immersive naval TBC simulators on the market.




Wizard101 is a massively multplayer online role playing game for children and has them creating their own character and learning wizardry. The game offers most of the aspects of traditional MMORPGs but is completely safe for younger gamers. Because Wizard101 was such a highly popular and successful game, it lead to the creation of a similar game called Pirate101, which is the same basic game but based on the theme of pirates.



Heroes of Might and Magix

Heroes of Might and Magic games are tactics based combat games. You start with a hero and must battle in order to acquire new troops, then power them up. You take control of the hero and use him to fight, to gather resources and give bonuses to his growing number of troops. Your hero also has special abilities that can be used to help you in fights.



Disgaea 4

Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten is a tactical role playing game made by video game developer Nippon Ichi Softwarre. The game tells the story of an ex tyrant called Valvatorez, who is leading a group of rebels against the president of the netherworld.



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