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About Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama and adventure within the genre of crime and thriller. Heavy Rain was a very original title for the time, delivering an interactive story in a new and exciting way. Because of its inventive game design, Heavy Rain received positive reviews and became a highly popular game.

In Heavy Rain you play as four different characters as you aim to uncover the mystery surrounding a missing child called Shaun. Released in 2010, Heavy Rain is an interactive fiction game which has received a cult following over the past few years.

Heavy Rain’s gameplay is direct and simple in nature, with the player progressing through a linear storyline. You interact with other characters and with the environment, making crucial decisions at important points in the story. The actions and the decisions you make shape the way in which the story progresses. Your decisions can also lead to different endings. Much of the gameplay takes place in quick time events which require you to perform certain actions.

In our list of games like Heavy Rain, which you can find below, you’ll see many interactive fiction games with aspects similar to Heavy Rain, including quick time events and decision making gameplay. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite games and to share your fave games on Twitter and Facebook, to help other players find them. Thanks.

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Here’s some awesome games like Heavy Rain that I think you’re gonna love

Beyond Two Souls
Beyond Two Souls is a game all about story. An interactive piece of drama with gameplay reminiscent of traditional action-adventure games, Beyond Two Souls has achieved a healthy fan following since being released in 2013. Made by video game developer Quantic Dreams, Beyond Two Souls stars Jodie, played by Ellen Page, who is one of two playable characters.

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Alan Wake
Alan Wake was create by video game developer Remedy and is a third-person action adventure psychological game originally released for XBox 360 in 2010 and then later for PC.

Alan Wake is styled in the manner of a TV series with episodes in a style reminiscent of Twin Peaks. You play as Alan Wake, a triller novelist suffering from writers block. In the hope of curing his writers block Alan Wake has taken a vacation to Bright Falls. his wife Alice disappears and it is up to Alan to find her. To do this, he must use light to uncover the game’s world, unravel the mystery and find his wife.

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In the Mafia games you play as a mafia member engaging in all the sorts of activities you would expect from the mafia. The first game was released back in 2002 and Mafia 2 was released in 2007, both games showing times when the mafia was at its strongest (1930 – 1950). The Mafia games have achieved tons of fans thanks to their strong stories and their realistic open world environments. Realism is the most important part of the Mafia games, with games in the series not being as over the top as many other games in the genre.

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L.A Noire is an action adventure crime game created by video game developer Team Bondi and put out by video game publisher Rockstar Games. Released on PC, XBox 360 and PS3, L.A Noire has you playing as a LAPD oficer to solve various crimes. You’ll need to investigate the crime scenes, hunting for clues, and follow leads as you try to solve the crime.

Mind Zero
There really isn’t any dodging around this fact: Mind Zero is a clone of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona that adds a dollop of Etrian Odyssey in for good measure. But heck, those are some flipping good games to rip-off, so we’re forgive developer MindDev for their copycatting. Mind Zero is a game with zero originality, a dungeon crawler with turn based combat mechanics and exploration.

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Sleeping Dogs  <br/. As with most games like Sleeping Dogs, the story revolves around crime. The story is highly expansive and your decisions determine exactly how things progress. The exact dialogue choices and the actions that you take will influence the development of the storyline in some way or other, making Sleeping Dogs very much “your own game.”

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Mass Effect
Mass Effect became one of the most popular series of games over recent years with its unique blend of sci fi, RPG gameplay and shooter aspects. It took these three highly popular themes and merged them together into one unforgettable gaming experience. You play as Commander Shepard as he travels across the galaxy in an attempt to save everyone from the evil Reapers. On your journey you will make important decisions that will influence the eventual outcome of the game.

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Assassins Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed has become one of the most popular franchises in the history of games. In Assassin’s Creed games you stealthily explore an open world that merges adventure with stealth and action to create an unforgettable single player experience. Games in the Assassin’s Creed series tend to have a historical story with different titles in the series covering the Renaissance, the American Revolution and the Crusades.

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