We’ve found the top 10 best games like Happy Wheels. if you’re one of the many fans of this great adrenaline filled game then you’re about to be treated to a buffet of the best and funniest games like Happy Wheels in the world.

All these games like Happy Wheels contains the gameplay you know and love, with physics, ragdoll, blood and all the rest of that good stuff. In these games you’ll be playing as a wheelchair-bound old man, an obese guy on a shopping cart and other such hilarious characters.

Games Like Happy Wheel 1 – 5

1: Our first games like Happy Wheels is Potty Racers, a hilarious game in which you race down hills on top of a portable toilet. Yup, a TOILET. Awesome. You’ll be surprised just how great racing on oilets can be. Here, check out the video.

2: Diesel or Death

Just in case you, for some bizarre reason, don’t enjoy riding on the top of a toilet then maybe you’ll prefer our second game like Happy Wheel.s. In this one you ride the much more everyday motorcrycle up and down some mud tracks.

3: Solid Rider

Another game like Happy Wheels with a traditional mode of transportation, this one being a dirt bike. Here you race around a devilish track competing against other racers to come first.

4: Icycle

This is one of the more unique games like Happy Wheels on this list and has absolutely gorgeous, watercolour-style graphics. In it you ride an old  man on a tiny pushbike that’s clearly too small for him. You’re also racing through snow in the freezing cold in pants. Oh, and there are holes everywhere for you to fall into and die.

5: Canvas Rider

I love this game. It’s a physics racer in which you can even design your own levels, meaning the game never gets tiring. There are two different bikes (BMX and MTB) and a tons of different levels which have been custom made by previous players.

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