In this list of games like Fire Emblem we’ll be covering some of the best fantasy role playing games. We’ll also be looking at games with excellent character development (one of the best aspects of Fire Emblem). Finally, we’ll be looking at RPGs with excellent battle systems.

Games like Fire Emblem #1 : Advance Wars

This Intelligent Systems / Nintendo game is one of the best tactical turn based combat games out there. Your mission is to use your combat brilliance to advance to victory. The campaigns in Advance Wars games are fairly lengthy and offer great stories.

Games like Fire Emblem #2 Kings Bounty

Originally release back in 1990, Kings Bounty is one of the best Turn Based games of all time. The best Kings Bounty game is The Legend, a game released 20 years after the original game. It has a fantasy setting and modernised gameplay. There are tons of monsters to battle and a great story to unveil.

Games like Fire Emblem #3: Shining Force

Shining Force is another amazing retro game that was released for Mega Drive back in 1992. It’s another turn based RPG with great combat. The game saw Wii, GBA, PC and iOS versions later on. Among the game’s features are 29 characters, 8 chapters and 34 weapons.

Games like Fire Emblem #4 Battle for Wesnorth

Another turn based tactical strategy game that is very much like Fire Emblem, Battle for Wesnorth was released back in 2003. You can find it on iTunes and Google Play. In the game you play as a fresh faced officer whose mission is to build an army with which he can take down enemies and reclaim Wesnorth. With 200 scenarios and 15 campaigns there’s a lot of game here to sink your teeth into.

Games like Fire Emblem #5: Grotesque Tactics

This games is a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics (for you FF fans out there). It’s a parody of the best RPGs and is packed full of hilarious jokes. There’s a ton of old school RPG elements packed into the game that make it a must-play for fans of retro RPGs.

Games like Fire Emblem #6: Knighturn RPG

This is a great RPG for iOS and Android which is very very similar to Fire Emblem. In it ou’ll find a ton of character classes, over 40 hours of gameplay, a gripping storyline set in medieval times and over 55 scenarios.

Games like Fire Emblem #7: The War of Eustrath

This strategical RPG lets you play as various factions, which in the game are called “Gears.” Playing as Gears you’ll play through multiple storylines in the fantasy realm of Ausrtath and you’ll get to see multiple different endings. Plus, it only costs $3.

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