In this list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics for PC and consoles, we’ll be covering many of the best Japanese RPGs. Of course, FF games are the first port of call for JRPG fans, with some of the best JRPGs ever coming from Final Fantasy. We’ll also be looking at some of the best turn based combat games. Finally, we’ll be including games that have beautiful fantasy settings.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics FOR PC #1 :  Kings Bounty

RPGs on PC don’t come much better than Kings Bounty. The game has excellent combat and tons of different character classes.  There are different environments to explore,like villages and jungles, and characters to chat with.   As with all the best JRPGs you also get a ton of weapons to buy.

Kings Bounty has a lot of strategy, and together with the great exploration and combat, this is one of the best RPGs out there.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics #2; Grotesque Tactics

Grotesque Tactics is a tongue-in-cheek parody of tactical RPGs and is packed full of humor. The gameplay is also very solid, with a lot of features and some great turn based combat.

Being a game like FF Tactics it naturally has grid-based combat. There are many character classes to choose and a lot of battles with numerous monsters.     Probably the most unique aspect of gameplay is the “obsession meter” which effectively lowers your team’s XP when they take damage.   While not as god as Final Fantasy tactics, it’s a highly enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Games Like Fina. Fantasy Tactic FOR PC #3: Wakfu

This is one of the best MMO RPGs with great combat that is very much like Final Fantasy Tactics. You choose a character from any one of fourteen classes and explore dungeons and different worlds. Naturally there are loads of monsters and enemies to fight and you can either fight solo or with  a team online.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics #4:  Ultimate Tactics

This is the best FREE games on this list and is pretty much a Final Fantasy Tactics clone. It features a great story and the tactical turn based combat you would expect.  The combat is practically identical to FF Tactics and even features an FF Tactics-style in-game shop for weapons and other items.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics FOR PC #5: Disciples III: Renaisance

Another great games like Final Fantasy Tactics for PC, this is the third in the Disciples series and has an updated combat system. In battle your team can more freely and use the environment to help them in combat.  The best part about the combat of Renaisance III is that the layout of the battlefield changes with each fight. This adds extra strategy to the battles.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics #6: Legends of Heroes

This is one of my personal best JRPGs. It has bright and beautiful graphics and you get to play through numerous epic battles. There are loads of different environments to explore and loads of goodies hidden away to uncover.  The Turn based Combat is very much like FF Tactics. Here, you get special ARTS moves which you can charge. I love this game for its anime style graphics and characters, plus it’s long and offers lots of strategy.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics FOR PC #7: Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a steampunk fantasy MMO RPG with turn based combat.  You select a class, gather additional heroes and set off on an adventure in Atlantica.   As you may have gathered from the name of the game, its mythology is based on Atlantis. It works the mythology into a deep storyline which will have you hooked.

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