IN this list of games like Farmville we’ve covered some of the best farming games in the world. If you’re one of those people who always longed to have acres of land rolling out your back door, filled with cows, chickens and corn, then this list of games like Farmville is exactly what you want.

Here are the best games like Farmville

Games like Farmville #1: Farm Frenzy 3

Being a game called Farm Frenzy you already know precisely what this games is going to be all about. You’ll be growing your crops and feeding your livestock and collecting all the produce you need to make the farm a success. There are 95 levels in Farm Frenzy and 30 animals, even including walruses! There’s also random additions like the ability to dress up bears.

Farm Frenzy is one of the best farm games out there.

Games like Farmville #2:Farm Craft

Farm Craft takes all the best farming gameplay and adds a great story to it too. You play as Ginger, the protagonist who is up against a company who want to take over all the farms, including your own. To stop them you’re going to have to work your butt offf to insure you make enough produce to keep your farm in business. The game includes great graphics and tons of challenges.

Games like Farmville #3: Sim Farm

This game from Maxis is one of the most realistic farm simulation games in the world. The game is on offshoot of the immensely popular Sim City games. In it, you don’t just have to do all the regular duties like feeding your animals and growing crops, you even have to take the weather into account as it changes the conditions on your farm. If you want the most realistic farm simulation game, then this is the one for you.

Games Like Farmville #4: Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm is by far the most unique and original game on this list. It’s available for iOS and Android and takes the theme of growing a farm gull of zombies which you can then use to attack your opponents.

Games like Farmville #5: Farm Town

Farm Town is the best multiplayer farming game in this list. Farm Town contains more than 335 levels. It starts with you creating your own avatar who will be your farmer. You then build your farm, introduce the livestock and set to work. There are tons of options in Farm Town and you can design your farm precisely how you like. You’ll also have a buddy list, which let’s you chat to other players and friends about farming activities.

Games like Farmville #6: Farm Story

This game is available for iOS and Android and is a heck of a lot like Farmville. It’s an online game in which you can grow over a hundred and fifty different kinds of plants. You cant also visit your friends farms to see what they’re up to.


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