In our list of the best interactive fiction games we looked at lots of great games like Episode Choose Your Story.

Games like Episode Choose Your Story prove that sometimes, a simple game with a great story is the best. It makes you wonder why some game developers put thousands of hours into making everything so complicated, agreed?

Ever since those adventure game books were created back in the 1970s, interactive stories have been immensely popular. Do you remember playing those old books where you were asked to make a decision on every page? “A monster approaches. Would you like to attack it?” And then you go to the corresponding page?

Those old adventure game books were really the beginning of games like Episode Choose Your Story. Of course, we’ve advanced since then and those game books are now online and on everything from your browser to your Android / iOS, iPhone, Xbox One and PS4. But those old adventure books; they were the beginning.

Since then games like Episode Choose Your Story have become more and more popular. And they don’t just cover dungeons and dragon themes now, they cover everything from finding love to going to school to becoming a Kung Fu master (have you played that one?). There are games like Episode Choose Your Story about dating (My Candy Love) about high school (Katawa Shoujo and Persona 4) about murder (Heavy Rain) and even about martial arts.

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In a sec I’m going to show you all the best games similar to Episode Choose Your Story. And you’ll see just how many games similar to Episode Choose Your Story that there are (a lot).

Because there are so many different games like Episode, picking the absolute best has not been easy. And I know for a fact that while some of you agree with my choices, others will think I’m mad.

Hey. That’s okay. I would love to hear about your personal favorite interactive fiction game. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

But for now, let’s take a look at the best games like Episode.

I’ve included games like Episode online on your browser (fore free with no download), games for iOS, Android, PS4, XBox One, PC, Mac, Windows… everything.

Now,let me ask you a favor. Instead of just picking the game that feels most familiar to you, try all the different ones. Heck, it’s not like you can play too many games! So give each game on this list just 5 minutes. Yup. Just 5 minutes. Play them all.

I’ve intentionally included games some games that are very much like Episode and others that are similar but different (you’ll see what I mean). Play each game for 5 minutes. Then choose your best one. And let me know what it is.



Now, let’s get into it. Here are my favorite games like Episode Choose Your Story.


Campus Crush

Campus Crush is basically an exact replica of Episode Choose Your Story. It’s an interactive fiction games based on college life. You make various decisions in the game that will affect the way your story plays out. But there aren’t as many different choices to make as there are in Episode and the game is not as deep.

In Campus Crush you start by creating you avatar. You then get to flirt with other characters and build a relationship.

This game is one of the most similar games to Episode. However, there are some areas in which Campus Crush is not as good. For instance, it uses a microtransaction model that will pull pennies from your pockets. And while it is a clone of Episode it does absolutely nothing to develop the genre, which is disappointing.


High School Story

PLATFORM: Browser / iOS / Android

Online / No Download
High School Story is an interactive fiction / construction game by video game developer Pixelberry Studios. This is one game similar to Episode. In the game you build your own high school and fill it with classmates and friends. You get to design your own town and build the best city while watching your friends’ and classmates’ stories unfold.

The gameplay in High School Story is similar to other construction games in which you have various choices and various ways in which to build and decorate a town. If you’ve played Sims and other games like that then you will be familiar with the construction aspects. And then there is the interactive fiction element, which is very much like Episode games.

You can watch the trailer below or find more similar games on the next page.

My Candy Love

PLATFORM: Android, Web browser, iOS

My Candy Love is a Japanese game that is part simulation, part visual novel. In My Candy Love you progress through a storyline, meeting various characters and choosing from a number of different choices. You’ll make decisions which will affect your relationships with other characters. As you play you’ll also earn Action Points that you can use to purchase items and explore the game’s world.

My Candy Love - Web Trailer



Persona 4

PLATFORM: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 2
Persona 4 is a role playing game by Atlus. It’s the fifth installment in the series. It’s set in a fictional Japanese countryside and stars a protagonist whom you can name yourself. The protagonist is a high school student who has just moved into the area. During his stay he gets involved with investigations into a series of mysterious murders. Take a look at the trailer.


Atlus USA Trailer: Persona 4


The Walking Dead

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3

Tell Tale Games is one of the best independent game publishers out there. They createdSam & Max Save the World, Tales of Monkey Island, and Jurassic Park: The Game. And they also made the exceptional The Walking Dead game based on the TV series. It’s another Interactive story game, but it follows the story of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Game - episode 1 walkthrough no commentary Full Episode HD Gameplay


Choice of Kung Fu

With brilliant storytelling and a sense of immersion that will match even the best of AAA titles, Choice of Kung Fu is an absolute must for gamers wanting to get wrapped up in a rich narrative.

Choice of Kung Fu Video Trailer

Gone Home

PLATFORM: Browser / PC
Gone Home is an interactive fiction game that takes place in first person perspective. The story is all about exploration and is set in a home in the Pacific Northwest in 1995. You play as Kaitlin. You can interact with objects using the mouse. As you move around the home you’ll need to piece together a story and examine the game world to find clues.

Gone Home (Full Playthrough, No Commentary)

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Katawa Shoujo


Since its released in 2012, Katawa Shoujo has grown to be one of the most popular visual novel games on the market. The success of Katawa Shoujo is partly due to the controversy surrounding the game. The name “Katawa Shoujo” is Japanese for “Disability Girl”.If you’re willing to forgive the developer for that little slip-up, then you should definitely consider playing this game. Take a look at the video below.

Let's Play Katawa Shoujo Part 1 (No Commentary)




Heavy Rain

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Heavy Rain is an interactive drama and adventure. It’s a crime and thriller. Heavy Rain was a very original title for the time. It devliered an interactive story in a new and exciting way. Because of its inventive game design, Heavy Rain received positive reviews and became a highly popular game.

In Heavy Rain you play as four different characters. Your aim is to uncover the mystery surrounding a missing child called Shaun.

Heavy Rain Walkthrough Part 1 of 21 No Commentary Gameplay "Heavy Rain Walkthrough"


Beyond Two Souls

PLATFORM: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Beyond Two Souls is all about story. An interactive drama with gameplay reminiscent of traditional action-adventure games, Beyond Two Souls has achieved a healthy fan following since being released in 2013. Made by video game developer Quantic Dreams, Beyond Two Souls stars Jodie (Ellen Page), who is one of two playable characters.

httpv:// 4tYZY5t5drY

Accel World

Accel world is based around a Japanese anime. It’s available for PSP and PS3. There are two games in the series, which follow back to back. The game is split into the adventure part, development part and the battle parts. In the Adventure Part your choices affect the outcome of the heroines’ routes and the matches that you’d play against. You then play against enemies in battles.

httpv:// aAzmNK4dIB4



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Anonymous · April 11, 2017 at 6:03 pm

Another one like Episode is Choices by Pixelberry Studios, I really like it and have downloaded it because Episode is not compatible with my device,

    Paul Harrison · April 11, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Good pick. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

nakia · July 8, 2017 at 7:35 pm

episode is the best i like to play episode i love u episode

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