Looking for the best games like Dwarf Fortress, Evil Genius, Gnomoria or Dungeon Keeper? Then congratulations on being a real gamer who can handle difficult games 🙂


Dwarf Fortress: Just in case you came here searching for something other than Dwarf Fortress, let’s start by introducing this flipping excellent game. Dwarf Fortress is a roguelike city-building game set in a fantasy universe that is procedurally generated. In it you play a groupf of Dwarves who aim to create a wealthy mountain home. To do so, you’ll need to fend off all manner of enemies  and even when you do fend off enemies you’ll still lose as its not actually possible to “win” the game, per say. Charming! 

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The surprising thing about Gnomoria is that its like Dwarf Fortress but easier. . . a lot easier. The gameplay is actually pretty simple. The game features a fully destructible environment so you can chop away to your heart’s content. Oh, one more difference between Gnomoria and Dwarf Fortress, in case you hadn’t notices, is that Gnomoria is about gnomes. . . which aren’t as cool as dwarfs but, whatever.  READ MORE ABOUT GNOMORIA


Towns is both a game like Dwarf Fortress and a game like Gnomoria. It’s a new take on the city building game style that includes RPG elements. You’ll need to lead a settlement by creating weapons, building and other items while making sure you’re ready to defend yourself against enemies.

Towns takes elements from every other game on this list. It’s a game like Dungeon Keper, a game like Evil Genius, and a game like everything else as it practically rips elements straight out of other games.  READ MORE ABOUT TOWNS

Game of Dwarfs

The first similarity between this and Dwarf Fortress should be staring you right in the face. Dwarfs. . just. . ya know, just in case you somehow missed that.

Game of Dwarfs is a pretty typical city building type game where you play as a Dwarf prince with his heart set on expending his kingdom.

You’re in command a a bunch of puny dwarfs you need to turn into hardcore dwarfs while also doing the typical building and resource management etc.

Evil Genius

Sierra Entertainment’s real time strategy game developed by Elixir Studios is the perfect game for people who want to take over the world. This game allows you to use super weapons and other evil stuff because. .  .well, because you are an evil genius. Ahhh, who doesn’t love a game like Evil Genius that let’s you rule and ruin the world?

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King Arthur’s Gold

Action, strategy, creation and destruction are the key ingredient in King Arthurs Gold. Well, plus a load of gold, that is. The good things about games like King Arthurs Gold is that, unlike Dwarf Fortress, they’re not that hard. This title is accessible while still containing the same fortress building theme. The graphics are in 16-bit style too, which looks really cool and the worlds are randomly generated. Good stuff.

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. . . you already know about Minecraft, right? Was a pretty big deal. . . fairly certain even my nan knows about Minecraft, so let’s move on shall we?

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Dungeon Keeper

In truth, I should have called this article “Games like Dungeons Keeper” because this was the first game on this list to be made. It’s also a classic. It was released way back yonder in the ancient times. . . which is 1997. You manage and construct a whole dungeon. . . which sounds hella fun to me.


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Wartune is a free to play RPG that plays inside the browser so you don’t need to download it. The gameplay is fairly standard fantasy role playing game affair, with turn based combat. The game was released in 2013 and quickly became very popular, partly because it is very easy to pick up and play.




Tropico is a fairly unique game in the management and simulation genres, known for its humorous. This truly sets it apart from most other games in the genre. Simulation and management games tend to be serious, so by making the game funny Tropico sets itself apart.



Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a game on iOS and Android based, of course, on The Simpsons. In the game you run your own version of Springfield using familiar buildings and characters.




Settlers is a real time strategy and / simulation game in which you create and govern your own settlement. There have been many games in the Settlers series and the vast majority of them have been very popular. The game challenge you to build and govern a settlement in a medieval era.




Afterlife is one of the many amazing games LucasArts made in their heyday back in the mid 1990s. Afterlife is a god game in which you play a Demiurge, a semi-omnipotent being who must create heaven and hell by punishing people for their sins or rewarding them for lives well lived. You must create heaven in hell in city building type of game and are accountable to the Powers That Be. The game is satirical and is packed full of references to pop culture, include a death star that destroys buildings.




Below is the spiritual successor to Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, a critically acclaimed action-adventure game.




Teleglitch has randomly generated levels that revolve around a story of science gone awry. The world is reconfiguring itself (hence the random) because of some experiments in teleportation and genetics then went royally tits-up. The levels hold a similar theme but the layout of the map changes with each play. There are destructible walls and moveable objects too, making for dynamic environments with hidden areas.

You start off with only your trusty pistol and knife combo. You’ll run out of bullets before long too, meaning you’re gonna need to know how to use a blade. You draw your weapon with a press of the right mouse button and aim via a reticle and a line drawn between your character and the target. You’ll never feel 100% confident in your weapon-ability as each new baddy packs a real punch, making combat an engaging challenge.



Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate is faithful to the classic Dungeons and Dragons board game and plays out in real time, though you can pause the game in order to give orders. When you pause the game during combat the game mirrors the actual board game, making this an excellent turn based strategy game. Much of the combat, like the spells for instance, have direct correlations to the board game, making this a must play game for D&D fans.




Turn-based strategy games like Civilization are the fan favourites of gamers who love more intellectual styles of play.

The gameplay of a turn-based strategy game like civilization is largely based on managerial skills. Players must control their forces in realistic ways that are based off of real life military tactics. The best examples of this style of ga



Little Inferno

Little Inferno isn’t a typical game. It’s really more of a physics simulation with a plot and some humour. It is a heck of a lot of fun though and you ‘ll find time flying by as you sit there burning things. It’s certainly not wasted time though as Little Inferno is immensely relaxing. It’s the sort of game that allows you to drift away from life, to escape in a dreamy state of mind. As such, it’s a perfect game to play when you’re tired of work and when you need to chill out.





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