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About Catherine 

Catherine is a XBox 360 and PS3 game from video game developer Atlus, who also created Persona 3 and Persona 4. When you start playing Catherine you’ll be given four options: Babel, Colosseum, Golden Theatre and Configuration. In Golden Theatre you’ll play through the games story mode. Babel is full of complex puzzles which are randomised so they’re different each time you play. Babel contains extra levels unlocked when you play through the game’s story, and Colosseum is a competitive multiplayer mode for local multiplayer.

The story of Catherine follows Vincent, a thirty-two year old man who learns that his old flame, Katherine, may be pregnant. He meets twenty two year old Catherine and has a one night stand with her. After his fling he suffers from nightmares in which he must make it to the top of a never ending staircase in order to survive.

The gameplay of Catherine is split in three, with distinct areas of action, adventure and story. The story is shown through anime style cutscenes.

The adventure mode involves sending various text messages to Catherine and Katherine along with other characters. You’ll choose various sentences and the other characters will respond differently depending on your choices. You’ll also need to take photos to show to the various characters. There are many characters to meet and tons of mini-games to play in, and you’ll have to pay close attention to different characters to know who to talk to.

Catherine is a fairly original game, though it takes its inspiration from classic action adventure games. The mature theme sets Catherine apart, though you can find a list of more games like Catherine (basically mature themed games which are not suitable for minors) here. See below for more games like Catherine.

Games like Catherine

Our list includes tons of games like Catherine for PS3, PS4, XBox One, PC, iOS, and Android. Some are fully paid games. Others are free games to play online in your browser. Enjoy.



My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a Japanese dating simulation game / visual novel in which you play your way through a storyline, meeting various characters and choosing from a number of different choices. You’ll make decisions which will affect your relationships with other characters. As you play you’ll earn Action POints with which you can purchase items and explore the game’s world.

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Compelling 2D side scrolling game full of puzzles. Set in a dark and sinister world, Stained presents a captivating story and an oceanic depth of gameplay.

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Katawa Shoujo

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Katawa Shoujo has grown to be one of the most popular visual novel games on the market since its released in 2012. The success of Katawa Shoujo is partly due to the controversy surrounding the game and also due to its unique setting. It is one of the best visual novels games on the market.

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Accel World

Accel world is a games based around a Japanese anime. It is available for both the PSP and for PS3. There are two games in the series, which follow back to back. For the rest of this write-up I’ll be focussing on the second game, Kosoku no Chouten. This game starts with Kuroyukihime revealing that she’s going to London when she finishes graduation. Much like the original game, this then spirals into a narrative about a fight against Chrome Disaster.

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To call NaissanceE a platfomer is to do a disservice to the developer. NaissanceE is a platformer with a difference—several difference, actually. It starts with the artistic design. Dark rooms of twisted geometry create an abstract architectural world, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It’s like taking a trip to the Fundació Joan Miró museum in Barcelona—inspiring, mind-bending stuff.

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One of the best Japanese style horror games in the world. It’s certain to have you jumping out your seat thanks to its high scare-levels. Gameplay is centred around puzzle gameplay in mysterious and spooky areas.

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Witcher 2

Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings is a role playing game with hack and slash gameplay and was made by video game developer CD Projekt RED for XBOX 360, Mac and Linux. The game is based aound Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels.

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Gone Home

Gone Home is an interactive fiction game that takes place in first person perspective. The story is all about exploration and is set in a home in the Pacific Northwest in 1995. You play as Kaitlin and can interact with objects using the mouse. As you move around the home you’ll need to piece together a story and examine the game world to find clues.

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