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Boom Beach is one of the best online strategy games.  Thankfully, there are tons more games like Boom Beach on the market, as we’ll reveal in just a moment.

Boom Beach has become one of the highest grossing iOS games of all time, so perhaps it’s little surprise to find that so many games have copied its formula. Boom Beach scored its success using the freemium model, allowing you to play for free and then tempting you with its purchases, as the majority of games seem to be doing these days.

Gameplay-wise, Boom Beach is all about base building and combat which takes Clash of Clans’ formula and adding the spot of polish and a little renovation here and there. It’s the same basic Clash of Clans experience (which is awesome), just improved a little bit.

What Boom Beach does so darned well is its pacing and balance. The gaming is perfectly designed. In the beginning stages it feels easy and welcoming, and then it gradually becomes more and more challenging. Perhaps this is why it’s so addictive and why so many of us just don’t seem able to get enough of it! It’s one of those games that contributes to the rise in video game addiction. . . and we love it.

People are so flipping serious about Boom Beach that there are even ways to hack the game to get unlimited resources, among other things. Some people have even written extensive articles about their Boom Beach addiction. LOL. But seriously, for the rest of us, we  just want more games like Boom Beach, right? Well then, friends, here they are: the very best games like Boom Beach for iOS, PC, Mac, Android and other systems. ENJOY!



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