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Bastion is an indie RPG game that takes place in a fictional world called Caelondia which has been ruined by The Calamity, a doomsday event. In the game you’ll play as Kid as he sets out to make a safe haven called Bastion. The Kid spent his life growing up with his mother and never knew his father. He worked at a defensive line in order to support his mother and himself, but one day his work ended and he returned home to find that his money had been stolen. The Kid wakes up after the doomsday event and sets out to create a safe haven.

The gameplay of Bastion is based around traditional RPG video game design and is fast paced with lots of action. You’ll journey through a fantastical world, defeating enemies with ranged weapons and melee combat and gathering various items. You’ll also level up and earn experience points. Bastion has “fragments,” a currency that can be found lying around and can be taken from dead enemies. You’ll visit Bastion often to level up and to improve your equipment. You’ll also earn new skills and equip “spirits” that make you more powerful.

one of the features that makes this game different to other games like Bastion is the dynamic narration. An old man narrates the story and his storytelling will change depending on the way you play and the choices you make. The old man narrator will also make comments on your choice of weapons and other matters.

As well as the main campaign there are also extra challenges that yo can compete, the Proving Grounds, which will test your ability with each new weapon. You’ll compete in arenas that also have online leaderboards.

Bastion is an excellent RPG with an intriguing story. For more great games like Bastion, see below.
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Games like Bastion for iOS, Mac, PC and other systems

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