Looking for great games like Bad Piggies, one of the best physics games of recent times? There are quite a few great physics games out there. Here are the games like Bad Piggies that I personally recommend.

Games like Bad Piggies


Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is the third in Rare’s series of games. In it, you have to build bizarre vehicles from other 1000 components. The movement of the vehicle uses a physics engine to accurately calculate how the game would work, making is a game like Bad Piggies.

Monster Physics

Another title in which you create your own vehicles, Monster Physics allows for the creation of both land and air vehicles. There are pre-built levels and a sandbox mode. The levels are packed full of great puzzles.   Best of all though, is the fact that you have to create your vehicles from raw materials.

iBlast Moki

This physics puzzler is super cute. You create various contraptions in order to get Mokis over to the exit portal.  The game starts off easy but becomes much tougher later on. By the end you have to be really intelligent with your creations.


Anoter great game like Bad Piggies is Incredible, a super popular title that is again packed full of physics puzzles. The game is highly unique, revolving around a creature that’s similar to a centipede, which can move and grow new limbs.  In the game you are free to create anything you choose.

Fantastic Contraption 2 Online

This Flash game is a brilliant puzzler that again has you building machines in order to move an object to the right area of the level. With rods, wheels, gears and a ton of other junk, and with 60 levels to boot, there’s a heck of a lot of gameplay packed into Fantastic Contraption 2 Online.

These are the best games like Bad Piggies and I personally recommend all of them.





Little Inferno

Little Inferno isn’t a typical game. It’s really more of a physics simulation with a plot and some humour. It is a heck of a lot of fun though and you ‘ll find time flying by as you sit there burning things. It’s certainly not wasted time though as Little Inferno is immensely relaxing. It’s the sort of game that allows you to drift away from life, to escape in a dreamy state of mind. As such, it’s a perfect game to play when you’re tired of work and when you need to chill out.




Tropico is a fairly unique game in the management and simulation genres, known for its humorous. This truly sets it apart from most other games in the genre. Simulation and management games tend to be serious, so by making the game funny Tropico sets itself apart.




Limbo is an artistic 2D sidescrolling puzzle platform game that uses an integrated physics engine to allow for realistic movement of objects and of the player character. In the game you must guide an unnamed character over levels full of dangers and traps, eventually finding your sister. The game is difficult and players will die many times as they try to solve each puzzle.



Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb Racing is a racing game which is highly addictive and extremely entertaining, using physics to create hilarious gameplay. You play as Newton Bill and you must use your driving skills to reach new levels by performing all kinds of daring tricks and strategic moves. But there are dangers aplenty. Not only can you run out of gas but you can also flip over and break Newton’s neck.



Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a game by video game developer Jim Bonacci, an entirely free to play browser based game which is slightly disturbing but also hilarious. When you register for Happy Wheels you’ll be able to save your replays and rate the levels you have played.

Happy Wheels is an ingenious and hilarious game in which you play through various utterly bizarre levels in which your own character and many other characters are basically torn apart limb from limb.



Super Splatter

Cute physics based puzzle game with truly exceptional gameplay.




It’s Pokemon. . . you already know everything you ned to know about Pokemon. . . right?




Arguably the best first person shooter of all time, with amazing weapons and puzzles.



Pudding Monsters

In Pudding Monsters, you find yourself no a game board which contains a bunch of monsters. Your mission is to assimilate all those monsters into one by making them slide into one another. To do so, you simply tap and swipe a monster to get it moving. It will then keep sliding until it bumps into either an object or another monster. You’ll also want to collect stars by making sure that the final, assimilated monster finishes up on the starred tiles. Here, check out the trailer and you’ll get the gist in no time. . .




Worms is one of the most popular funny games ever. In it you play as a troop of worms who have all manner of weapons at their disposal. They’ll use rocket launchers, grenades and other weapons in order to win a fight against other worms.



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