Looking for some great games like Backyard Monsters for iPhone, Android and other devices? We’ve put together a collection of games you guys are going to love. You can select games based on common genres or themes, or see our personal choices for the best games like Backyard Monsters below.


Games like Backyard Monsters by Genre / Theme

RTS: Backyard Monsters is a cute style RTS (real time strategy game) on Facebook that’s full of gore and mayhem. The first part of the game involves setting up your base correctly so that it can be defended. This is fairly typical real time strategy game gameplay. There are tons of games with very similar gameplay. For more, see our collection of the best RTS Games. 


Tower Defense: The other important aspect of Backyard Monster is defending your yard. Your yard will be attacked by wave of enemies and you must defend it. This is yet again another very common gameplay style called Tower Defense. If you love this aspect of Backyard Monsters, check out our list of the best Tower Defense games. 


Still not found what you’re looking for? Alright. Thankfully we went ahead and played tons of games for hours on end, incidentally murdering our social life in the mean time. But that’s okay, because we’ve ended up with this flipping awesome list of games like Back Yard Monsters. Find the games below.






Looking for the best games like Dungeon Defenders? Then our list s precisely what you need. What it Dungeon Defenders?  Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense / action RPG game by Trendy Entertainment. The game is set in a fantasy world in which you play a young wizard or warrior who must defend a dungeon against monsters. What are some great games like Dungeon Defenders?   Games Like Dungeon Defenders : Castle Crashers Forsaken World Killing Floor Planetside 2 Scribblenauts Terraria The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles The Secret World Bastion Guild Wars Star Wars: The Old Republic Perfect Dark From Dust Tera Garry’s Mod




Boom Beach is one of the best online strategy games. Thankfully, there are tons more games like Boom Beach on the market, as we’ll reveal in just a moment.

Boom Beach has become one of the highest grossing iOS games of all time, so perhaps it’s little surprise to find that so many games have copied its formula. Boom Beach scored its success using the freemium model, allowing you to play for free and then tempting you with its purchases, as the majority of games seem to be doing these days.




Stronghold is a real time strategy game in a medieval time period full of war. Stronghold was released way back in 2001 while this chap, writing this, was at uni studying video game design. Sigh, times change. Anyway. . .

Stonghold saw later released Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Kingdoms that are the same basic set-up as the original but with minor shifts in the gameplay.



Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a classic real time strategy game that was originally released in 2003 and subsequently improve upon through expansion packs. The popularity of Rise of Nation also led to the released of a fantasy version of the game in 2006.

Rise of Nation Original trailer HD



Age of Wonder

Age of Wonder is a series of games in the fantasy strategy genre, which has seen several different installations. Created by video game developer Triumph Studios, who are famous for their work on the Overlord series of games, Age of Wonders is fantasy strategy game with excellent tactical combat, simultaneous turns and a narrow focussed style of empire management. Other games like Age of Wonder include Age of War and Age of Empires.

Age of Wonders 3 - Trailer (HD)



Stormfall Age of War

Stormfall Age of War is a Facebook strategy game created by game developer Plarium. It is a mid-core strategy game in which you must build your own castle town by raiding the AI installations and taking part in multiplayer combat. The plot of Stormfall: Age of War is minimalist and takes players through a series of campaigns narrated by a sarcastic adviser. There are lots of different mechanics to get to grips with, as there are in most strategy games, and there are many tutorials to help you get to grips with things.



Alain Kaczmarek’s new game, Alpha Aquilae, is a unique, challenging and extremely playable tower defense game for iOS. Is this the most unique tower defense game ever? (hint: the answer is no but it’s not far off either) In Alpha Aquilae you are put in command of a stunningly beautiful constellation of stars. It’s you mission to prevent the stars from being infected with dark matter. Clearly, this isn’t your standard tower defense game; the idea in itself is absolutely ingenious (I’m not sure if there are other constellation-theme tower defense games but either way the idea is a real star—get it, real star. . . oh never mind). To defend your stars you need to set up defences, power them, then have them orbit stars and eliminate the dark matter cells.  Doing so if not easy. This game packs one heck of a challenge. So, genius idea but how is it carried off? The layout is simple but the gameplay is not. It takes quite a while to work out what is going on (even for well honed tower defence gamers). The graphics are minimalist but (important but) look excellent nonetheless.  The game has a very unique feel and […]



Go Home Dinosaurs

Go Home Dinosaurs is a game that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Its theme is universal, but it offers a depth of strategy that will get you hooked into its defence gameplay regardless of your age. In the game, you set up your weapons (which are manned by cute-looking gophers) and have them attack that pesky dinosaur.

Every level of Go Home Dinosaurs has a unique map on which you can position your defensive effort around the paths the dino will walk down. In order to get hold of your weapons you’ll need to unlock them by completing level. As with most Tower Defence game you must take finance into account. The currency in Go Home Dinosaurs! Is coconuts, which are obtained from palm trees. Click on a palm tree and you’ll grab coconuts. Clicking on the tree will also move your character to that spot. Once you have your coconuts you can spend them on cards, which are essentially towers.

The gameplay set-up is easy to grasp. Both younger and older gamers will get to grips with it quickly, but thanks to the strategy involved there is also a healthy level of longevity.



In this list of games like Plants VS Zombies we’ll be sharing the best tower defense games in the known universe. WE’ll cover game on PC, iOS, Android and other systems. Rest assured, all these video games are a) a lot like PLants vs Zombies and b) great. Bookmark this page for updates.  Games Like Plants VS Zombies  1: Plant THIS! Plant This! is a great game for people who love both tower defence and gardeninng. It takes place in a garden full of terribly critters who are nibbling on your chrysanthemum and all that — cheeky goits! Your answer to their menace is to create a labyrinth, water it, then plant special flowers with magical powers (flower powers, I guess) which will defend the garden. Games Like Plants VS Zombies  2: Garden Rescue Yup, yet more gardening action. You can’t beat a spot of garden twoer defense. In Garden Rescue you’ll once again have to use special flowers to fend off the menaces ruining your garden. You’ll also earn coins and gradually upgrade. Games Like Plants VS Zombies  3: Monster Mash In Monster Mash–no not the song, the game–you find yourself in the charmingly beautiful Curly Valley, which would be […]



Dungeons of the Endless is a critically acclaimed tower defense roguelike game with randomly generated levels. One of the best indie games of 2014.



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