Looking for great games like Ao Oni?

Ao Oni is a Japanese horror game made in RPG maker which is free to play. It fills an interesting spot in horror games, being both cheesy and yet scary.

Ao Oni has captured quite a passionate fan following since its release. It’s even seen fan spin-offs and is own official novel.

Here are the best games like Ao Oni.

Games like Ao Oni

The Ao Oni Series:

Abe Oni

    Aka Oni

    Akame Oni

    Ao Oni Plus

    Ao Oni (School Nightmare)

    Ao Oni Version 1.1

    Ao Oni Version -2.0

    Crom Oni

    Gon Oni

    Hakyo Oni

    Heta Oni

    Kaerin Oni series

    Kagame Oni

    Kyo Oni

    Niji Oni

    Niji Oni 2

    Niji Oni 3

    NyaHiryu Oni

    Ohr Oni

    Siro Oni

    Siro Oni 2: New Custom

    Takeshi’s Mansion

    Tep Oni


Other games like Ao Oni


Ib :by Kouri.     

The Witch’s House / Majo no Ie :by Fummy.  

Corpse Party :by team GrisGris 

The Mirror Lied :by Free Bird Games 

To the Moon :by Free Bird Games.   

Clock of Atonement :by Daigo  

Schuld :by Kelven  

Desert Nightmare :by Kelven   

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