Animal Jam is one of the most fun and cutest games out. And there are plenty of other great games like Animal Jam. If you’ve been looking for some more great games like Animal Jam then you’re in luck. I’ve played a whole bunch of them and would love to tell you all about it.

Animal Jam, of course, is National Geographic’s game for kids. It teaches about animals in a fun and social virtual world and you get to play as your favorite animals. And you will be happy to hear that there are lots of other animal games to play. See this big list of animal games for the best ones.

There are lots of games with similar themes to Animal Jam. In Wolf Quest, for instance, you get to play as a wolf and you have to look after your pack. This is a fun virtual simulation game that teaches you about wolves and shows you what it is like to live as a wolf. The game has cute graphics and is full of interesting wolf-related stuff. If you love wolves then you definitely have to check out WolfQuest.

Another animal game is Feral Heart. This is a very realistic game. You play as a lion or a wolf and you get to live the life of your animal. Feral Heart is very realistic and it is full of fun information about animals. If you have never played Feral Heart, try it. You are going to love it. You can learn more about Feral Heart and see more games like Feral Heart here.

Some games are like Animal Jam bit without the animals. In other words, imagine if you took all the virtual world elements and the social aspect of Animal Jam, but then you applied it to a different theme. In Moshi Monsters you get all the social and virtual aspects of Animal Jam and you get a whole bunch of mini-games to play with friends too. But Moshi Monsters isn’t about animals. It’s about cute little fictional monsters. So you might like to play Moshi Monsters too.

Some games take the virtual and social elements of Animal Jam and apply them to people instead of animals. In The Sims you play as a human avatar. You get to create your character, build your own home, have a job, make friends and do all sorts of fun things like that. So The Sims is a good game to try if you are looking for a game like Animal Jam but with humans.

So that’s a good look at the different types of games that are similar to Animal Jame. how about we play some games now?



Here are the games like Animal Jam I think you should try.

In this list you’ll find games similar to Animal Jam on all different systems. There are games like Animal Jam for free online that require no download. And there are apps and games on your Android phone or iOS, and for Windows / Mac/ PS4, PS3 and XBox One. So be sure to take a look at all of them. 

Games like Animal Jam : Wolf Quest

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Wolf Quest is a 3D simulation of the natural world that has you living out the lives of wolves and learning about their ecology. You’ll be spending your time in the game in Yellowstone National Park playing across 2 episodes of single-player gameplay.

Wolf Quest is a beautiful game that will teach you a ton about the lives of wolves.

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