If you’re a KOA fan you might want to play some more games like Kingdoms of Amalur.  So let’s take a look at some of the best games like Kingdoms of Amalur for  PC, PS3, XBOX 360 and other systems.


What other games are like KOA? 


Kingdoms of Amalur is a combat based action RPG that has been very popular over the past couple of years. But there are very many similar games. Most of these games fall in the action RPG genre. And there are lots of games in that genre. Take a look at our list of the best action RPGs for more of them. That’s a great place to find some more games like Kingdoms of Amalur.


Medieval Games

Kingdoms of Amalur is also a medieval style combat game with lots of great swords and other old-style weapons. Naturally, there are lots of games that have fantasy / medieval themes. They range from the likes of of Total War to Infinity Blade. You can find similarly themed games in our list of the best medieval games.


Open World Games 

one of the best parts of Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning is its awesome open world setting. This offers tons of exploration and hours of content. We’ve found the best open world games that we think you’ll enjoy. Find them here: > Best Open World Games. 



One thing that makes Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning such a great game is the sheer amount of players online at any one time. There are many games with similarly rich communities. If you want to play another awesome MMO game (massively multiplayer online game), check out our list of the best MMOs.




So, that’s a good overview of the themes in Kingdoms of Amalur. But what specific games should you play? Take a look at my top picks for games like Kingdoms of Amalur.



My Top Picks For Games Like Kingdom of Amalur


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One of the reasons we love games like Kingdom of Amalur because of their dark ages theme. Medieval Total War shares this theme. It charges you with leading your army to victory over enemy terrain.

Total War has fast become one of the most acclaimed strategy games in the world and with Medieval it’s easy to see why. The battles Creative Assembly have created are stunning, including more than 100 000 troops. As you gain victories you’ll expand your empire across the world leading to total victory.

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Two Worlds is a fantasy role playing game created by video game developer Reality Pump and released in 2010., with a sequel released in 2011. Two Worlds is set in a 3D fantasy world not dissimilar to that found the Elder Scrolls games.  Two Worlds features a branching story in which the decisions you make affect the development of the plot. As with most RPGs, you’ll level up your character as you play and will gain new skills.

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Infinity Blade 


Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade is an iOS fighter / role playing game. In the game you play through a series of one on one fights in an old castle. You attack by swiping the screen and dodge by tapping. Infinity Blade was staggeringly successful, becoming the fastest grossing app in history upon its release and making $1.6 million in four days.

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More Games Like Infinity Blade



In Witcher 3 you play as famous monster hunter Geralt in a game full of combat, decision making and a brilliant story. The choices you make in the game greatly affect the game’s development to such a degree that, even more than Skyrim, you feel that you are in control of the game world. This is one of the most immersive video games of the current generation.

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Dark Souls has one of the most immersive game world. It’s also a unique and artistic title, full of fantasy RPG elements. In the game, you fight against a ton of evil demons who want nothing more than to kill you. . . and they’re going to succeed as this is one tough cookie of a game. Dark Souls is one for the hardcore gamer in you. If you love a huge challenge and like to be made to pay for your in-game mistakes, then you’re going to absolutely love this game.

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Another beautiful RPG taking place in a gorgeous fantasy-style open world. Fable III is a game similar to Skyrim in theme and gameplay. The story of the game is stunning and seamlessly weaves from lighthearted comedy to more deeper and serious themes. And there are tons of important decisions to make that affect other characters. You’ll be able to become a tyrant or a hero, depending on the decisions you make.

Fable III is one of the best stories in gaming, and combined with great action and RPG elements, it comes highly recommended.

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