Games like Alter Ego by Genres and Themes

Point and Click: For games with point and click interfaces, check out our list of the best P&C Games.

Horror: Love some fear factor in your adventures? Check out our list of the best horror games.

RPG: If you love stats, upgrades, character levelling and other role playing game mechanics, check out our selection of the best RPG games.

Life Sim: If you love the sim aspects of Alter Ego, check out our list of the best life sim games.

Finally, here’s our personal selection of the best games like Alter Ego.






Indie point and click adventure games with a fantastic story and solid gameplay. Recommended.

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Machinarium very quickly became one of the most popular point and click games of the past decade when it was released in 2009. It uses the old point and click style of gameplay that was highly popular back in the 90s. This creates a familiar feeling for older gamers, but Machinaruim also create a fresh experience by including more modern aspects of video game design.
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Driftmoon plays in top-down view using a combination of mouse and hotkey controls. A solid tutorial makes sure you get to grips with things soon enough. The regular point and click affair will feel more than familiar to RPG fans, meaning you can get into the game the second you start playing.
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Quest for Glory

Quest for Glory is an adventure role playing game with point and click gameplay mechanics. The Quest for Glory games are based on Sierra’s amazing and critically acclaimed Hero’s Quest games.
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Gone Home

Gone Home is an interactive fiction game that takes place in first person perspective. The story is all about exploration and is set in a home in the Pacific Northwest in 1995. You play as Kaitlin and can interact with objects using the mouse. As you move around the home you’ll need to piece together a story and examine the game world to find clues.
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The Prince Edward

Black Square serve up a brilliantly fun point and click puzzle adventure game: The Prince Edward.

Poor little Prince Edward is bored. And the only way he knows how to cure his boredom is to play pranks of castle’s inhabitants, refusing to get his butt to bed before he’s gone and explored every single room of the castle and discovering every single thing the castle has to offer.

You’ll get to grips with the gameplay of The Prince Edward in about zero seconds. use [WASD] tp move and [E] or [K] to interact—couldn’t be much easier than that now, could it? And with those controls you’re off exploring the castle and finding useful objects. The finding aspect of The Prince Edward makes it a great game for hidden object game lovers.
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Nancy Drew The Silent Spy

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy is a traditional point and click mystery / detective adventure game.
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