There are so many great games like and online to play on your browser, and for iOS and Android. is such a great game. Me and a couple friends were recently discussing how good is. It’s the type of game you can jump right into and get to grips with immediately. You don’t need to take forever learning the controls. My nan could play it in five seconds.

In you play as a cell in a petri dish and your aim is to gain as much mash as possible by swalling the other little cells in the area.

Now you might have noticed that there are tons of other games like that have the same basic theme. Online games that are easy to get into. Games you can play quickly.  Many of them are not quite as good as After all became one of the most popular games of the year.

But in terms of gameplay there are many other games like Games in which you play a tiny cell of worm or other element and have to hit other cells to get bigger. Some of these games are on iOS and Android, some are online browser games with dedicate servers, others are console games. Some are massively online multiplayer games, others single player. We’ll look at them all.

So let’s take a look.

In compiling this list of games like Agario / games like, we’ve looked for games that:

Feature “consuming”

Are simple with basic graphics

Don’t have a storyline


Alright, first things first, the game that actually started all these games like and…

Snake Game (now Nokia snake game online)

Hands up all of you who remember playing the classic snake game on your old Nokia phones? Remember? This was pretty much the first mobile game ever and one of the best. I used to play it all over the place; when waiting for the bus; when I got stuck writing my novel; when I was in the hospital. Played it everywhere.

If you’re looking for a game like / game like then you have to play Snake.

This is the game that started it all. You play as a snake moving around the screen. You tap which way you want the snake to go. You collect items to get bigger and you void the walls. Simple. But brilliant.

This game is now online so you can play it on your browser. It’s called Nokia Snake Game. And if you have never played it you should head right over to that game server and start playing.


Play Nokia Snake Game Online.




One of the best time killer games is Biome3D.

If you’re looking for a game like that is in 3D then this is it. Much like in and you play as a tiny cell that is actually a sphere. You then roll around the environment hitting smaller objects that make you bigger.

Because Biome3D is, der, a 3D game, you can rotate the camera in order to explore the environment from different angles.

Naturally, Biome3D is more complex than and and because of that it can be slow and can lag. But if you change the dedicate server you’re one to one that is closer to you a lot of that lag will go.

Play Biome3D Online.

Have you ever noticed that worms are one of the most popular creatures in video games? Starting with the game that’s actually called Worms, the slithery little bugs have starred in some truly memorable games, of which is one of the best. is a game like and is on mobile devices. So if you’re looking for a game like for Android or iOS, is it.

In you control your worm with the touch pad and move around the screen eating food in order to grow. The strategy comes in from trying to trip-up your opponents so you can eat their leftovers.

Because is nowhere near as popular as either or its dedicated server is always ready to rock and there is never any lag. So the second you load the game on your Android, iPad or iPhone, you’re ready to play. is very much like but with a couple of changes. For starters, there are unique skins and there are also gameplay tweaks like the ability to spit-out mass and to speed up or slow down.



Circle Game

Another of the best time killer games like and is Circle Game. Again, the premise here is precisely the same as in those other games. You start off small. You’ve got to get big. You do it by hitting smaller objects and avoiding bigger ones. But just like the other games in this list there are a couple of differences.

The second you start playing the whole screen is covered in a bunch of circle-clusters that make you have to dodge and weave as you collect items.

One of the only negatives about Circle Game is that it’s single player. So if you’re looking for a multiplayer games like then keep clicking through the list.


Super Snake

Super Snake is a game similar to and And again it features precisely the same premise in which you consume smaller objects to get bigger. The major difference with Super Snake is that there’s a bunch of objects and power-ups that you can collect that will essentially level-up your snake. So if you’re looking for a game like but with leveling, this is it.

Super Snake ups the ante by including spiked walls that will kill your poor little snake the moment you bump into them. But because Super Snake is slower than both and you have time to make sure you don’t crash into those spikes.

And now you start to realise just how many games like and there are! So many! Makes you wonder if you could slice all this games together and come up with the best time killer game ever.

Play Super Snake

One of the best time killer games like is was developed by LowTech Entertprises and is basically Snake, which you may remember playing years ago. Like, is all about consuming little blobs so your character grows into a long snake. This is a multiplayer game and some of the strategy elements are really cool. For instance you can trick players into crashing into you, which will make them break up into blobs that you can then consume.

If you’re looking for a game like but with better graphics, is a good choice. It has great production values. And thankfully because is on one of the best servers for games and has great code it loads fast.

Play here.


Osmos might not be as old as the Nokia Snake Game. But it’s a lot older than both and And it features exactly the same concept. Eat or be eaten. The major difference with Osmos is that there are unique mechanics like time warps. It is also better produced than and and featured a great physics system and great visuals. The soundtrack is cool too.

Play Osmos


Armageddon Advanced

All right. Here’s where you can seriously impress me. Hands up which of you know that and are actually a lot like another game… Tron! I know, right? You wouldn’t think that or could have anything to do with Tron. But they do.

There’s a classic retro arcade games called Tron in which you play as a vehicle that paints a color trail that kills anything that touches it (kinda like Snake).

That classic arcade game inspired a newer game called Armageddon Advanced. This is a game like / that is free to play online in your browser and multiplayer. It’s a 3D game with a very similar premise to other games on this list. And it’s pretty popular. The game server is always occupied. So take a look.

Play Armageddon Advanced. is a game like but with a slightly different twist on it. Instead of controlling a cell or a snake you play as a spaceship that can fire missiles at other players and at asteroids. Naturally, as you can tell, this is a little bit different to and and you wont be eating any edibles in this one. Instead you’ll be scoring points. To do that you’ll need to use your brain as there’s a good bit of strategy in And because there are enemies and obstacles coming at you, you’ll have to use your energy shields too.

So if you’re interested in a game like / but set in space, is the one for you.



Okay. Let me just say this straight up. If you have been living under a rock and have not played Flow, you should go ahead and do so right now. Because this game is an absolute classic and one of the best indie games of all time.

Flow is the spiritual predecessor to You play as an ethereal sea creatures that gets bigger… you know the rest of this sentence right? You get bigger when you eat stuff. Eat the sea feed, get strong. Kinda like what my mum used to tell me. There are however some enemies waiting to kill you.

What makes Flow so absolutely stunning is its production values. This game looks absolutely beautiful. Honestly. It’s stunning. When you play it you feel like you’re meditating or in some sort of Zen-like state. And that’s a good, thing, in case you’re wondering.

And now, thanks to a recent update Flow is four-player.  This is the most beautiful game like /


You already know by now precisely why Mitosis is going to be about, right? It’s about eating other cells in order to get bigger. That, or you can die as larger cells kill you. What makes Mitosis different although similar to and It allows for trajectory attacks and splitting. Other than that this is a game so much like that you might even call it a rip-off.

A couple of other differences are the fact that Mitosis offers different graphical elements and there are tons of different game modes that you can try out. If you feel like playing Soccer or Capture-The-Flag versions of you shouldn’t definitely give this a shot.




Eat smaller enemies. Get… oh man I feel like I’m Bill Murrary in Groundhog Day. Yeah, Dogar is the same deal as and What makes it different? Well, as you can see in the screenshot it looks kinda different visually. And it also includes speed boosts and repulsion blasts. So there’s that. Oh, and you can collect coins and spend them to unlock different bonuses.


All right folks, I now have the words “eat smaller objects” going around in my head. Time to call this article quits so I can actually go and eat smaller objects. Namely, the candies in my back pocket. Have fun, guys. Like us on Facebook and Twitter. That’ll put a smile on my face.

Play Dogar

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