Afterlife is one of the many amazing games LucasArts made in their heyday back in the mid 1990s. Afterlife is a god game in which you play a Demiurge, a semi-omnipotent being who must create heaven and hell by punishing people for their sins or rewarding them for lives well lived. You must create heaven in hell in  city building type of game and are accountable to the Powers That Be.  The game is satirical and is packed full of references to pop culture, include a death star that destroys buildings.

You primary aim is to create the infrastructure of heaven and hell. In this way, Afterlife is a city building game. And you can find tons more city building games here.

Afterlife dives into all different religious matters but in a light hearted way. The seven deadly sins, for instance, are present and NPCs are rewarded or punished based on their level of faith.

Similar to other city building games, in Afterlife you need to build your city’s infrastructure by creating various buildings and structures. You’re monitored in your job by Aria Goodhalo and Jasper Wormsworth, an angel and a demon. They provide you with various warnings that help you to build your city successfully. You’ll find many of these mechnics in sim-style games (click to see them).

In one sense there are lots of different games like Afterlife, because there are many God games and city building games. But what makes Afterlife unique is its combination of these elements with satire and humour.   Afterlife is definitely a unique gaming experience, but you can find some more games like Afterlife in our list below.


Games like Afterlife

Black and White

Platforms: Windows

Black and White is a classic retro real time strategy game (RTS) from Lionhead Studios (who also made Fable). It is one of the games that made game designer Peter Molyneux a legend. You play a newborn god who must tend to the needs of mortals by using a crafting system. You’ll need to manage your population and govern your creatures. Your actions will be judged by the game’s morality system and as you continue to play the architecture and the visual design of your world will change dependent on your actions.

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More Games Like Black and White

Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress is a roguelike city-building game set in a fantasy universe that is procedurally generated. In it you play a groupf of Dwarves who aim to create a wealthy mountain home. To do so, you’ll need to fend off all manner of enemies and even when you do fend off enemies you’ll still lose as its not actually possible to “win” the game, per say. Charming!

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More games like Drarf Fortress


PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Nintendo 64, DOS

Everquest is a highly popular 3D fantasy themed MMO RPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) from video game developer Sony Online Entertainment, originally released in 1999. EverQuest is widely considered one of the best MMORPGs of all time. A lot of the video game design of Everquest is based on text-based multi-use dungeon games (MUD) which themselves were inspired mostly from D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). You create your own character / avatar and choose one of sixteen different races (humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, trolls, cat-people, ogres, frog-people, lizard-people and dragon people).


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Forge of Empires


Forge of Empires is another popular online strategy game that takes its influence from such title as Red Alert and Age of Empires. Forge of Empries ticks every box in the strategy game genre. It’s a browser game that starts out by showing you the ropes and getting you used to the system so you know how to play. You’ll be set various tasks designed to get you to understand the game.


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Game of War


Game of War is another free to play war game in the vein of Clash of Clans. Because of the success of similar games, there has been a huge rise in the number of game developers making games in the genre, meaning there are lots of games like Game of War. Game of War– Fire Age is a deep game with an expansive menu and many options for constructing various buildings. There is quite a lot of time wasting that occurs in the game as you have to wait for buildings to be constructed one at a time.


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More Games Like Game of War


Heroes of Might and Magic

Heroes of Might and Magic games are tactics based combat games. You start with a hero and must battle in order to acquire new troops, then power them up. You take control of the hero and use him to fight, to gather resources and give bonuses to his growing number of troops. Your hero also has special abilities that can be used to help you in fights.


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More Games Like Heroes of Might and Magic

Knights and Dragons


Gree’s Knights and Dragons is a free to play game that has earned an absolute ton of popularity over recent months. It’s a traditional fantasy RPG that also incorporated elements of city building into the mix. Then it adds a ton of polish to create one of the most well executed games of recent times. If you take the traditional RPG and splice it with a city building game, you’re pretty much left with Knights and Dragons. You build your city. You then get lots of different resources that help your characters to level up. Then you head into combat against all different manner of beasties. Or, if you can’t be bothered to wait, you can just hop into the game’s store and purchase stuff.


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Caesar is a game by video game developer Tilted Mill Entertainment. A city building game set in the historical setting of ancient Rome, Caesar falls in a popular genre of historical city building games. There are many games like Caesar, and you can find more games like Caesar in our list below. All games in the Caesar series are about building a city in ancient Rome. Caesar sets itself apart from other games in the genre through detailed city building and a realistic portrayal of its setting.

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More Games Like Caesar




Turn-based strategy games like Civilization are the fan favourites of gamers who love more intellectual styles of play. The gameplay of a turn-based strategy game like civilization is largely based on managerial skills. Players must control their forces in realistic ways that are based off of real life military tactics. The best examples of this style of game.


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More games Like Civilization



Banished is a game by independent video game developer Luke Hodorowicz, and was released in February of 2014. The basic concept of Banished is that a group of travelers have been exiled out of their old homeland and have only a minimal amount of supplied that they can carry with them. They must find items in the wilderness to establish a new settlement so that they can survive.


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