Fledgling Dev’ Klonk Give Us Something New In Shift Happens

Imagine you’re a new game developer. You’ve studied and trained for endless hours, keeping yourself up on constant coffees, working hard to learn how to make a video game because you just plain love the gaming industry.

Then the moment comes when it’s time to create your very first game.

Your first game is a risky choice because it defines you as a game developer. You could play it safe and do what most new developers do: copy an already popular type of game. Or you could take a risk and do something new.

New game developer Klonk, clearly wanting to be more than a “copy and paste” game developer, fought the urge to play it safe and instead crafted a new gaming experience.

When there are literally thousands of games in the world, though, how do you possibly created something truly new?

Klonk decided to create Shift Happens, a co-op platformer that focuses on a core gameplay feature: the ability to shift weight between two playable characters: Bismo and Plom. You can see from the trailer below that this is a quirky and refreshing gameplay mechanic.

Being a new developer it’s not surprising that Shift Happens isn’t exactly a big game. There are just four stages and a single-player mode. But now that Klonk has finished one game we’re certain their game will grow from here.

Shift Happens is currently on Steam Early Access, and today it was announced that Shift Happens will be coming to Xbox One in July.

Getting a game to actually come out on a console is no mean feat (there are literally thousands of game developers who are struggling right now to get their games released, or to even finish them). But Shift Happens has made that big step and will be coming to Xbox One.

Looking forward to seeing what sort of response Shift Happens gets on Facebook and Twitter. Join us on our social pages for updates on this new game.

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