Below, you can find our list of games like Duck Commander Duck Defense. But before we look at alternative games to v let’s take a quick look at what Duck Commander Duck Defense is in our brief review.

Duck Commander Duck Defense Review 

Duck Commander Duck Defense is a game centred around those murderous Duck Dynasty guys (you know, those stupid ignorant assholes who kill ducks for entertainment–I love animals, by the way). I’m not going to let my love of animals and general hatred for stupid hunters ruin this review though, so let’s take an unbiased look at the game.

It;s a tower defense game in which you use duck blinds, duck calls and redneck ingenuity to push back against the high-powered enemies that have rallied against them. the game includes 15 different levels, ranging from swamps to forests. The gameplay is basic tower defense fair, but obviously with ducks, and all your moves are based around duck themes, such as using duck calls.

This isn’t a bad tower defense game, but it’s doesn’t really offer anything new. It’s really just a cash-in on the Duck Dynasty guys. Fun for a while, but ultimately familiar and repetitive.


Games Like  Duck Commander Duck Defense Reviewed

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Backyard Monsters 

Awesome real time strategy game with monsters. Available on Facebook.>>

Duck Dynasty Game: Duck Commander Duck Defense    2

Clash of Clans 

In Clash of Clans you create a village and then compete against other players. In each village you build huts, defenses,halls, mines and other buildings. You can also unite your clan with other clans, creating coalitions which allow you to share your troops with other players.

Clash of Clans contains four currencies. You can collect Elixir and Gold from the buildings in your home village. Dark Elixir is collected through the tech tree, and gems can be purchased in-app or by completing various achievements.


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Dungeon Defenders 

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense / action RPG game by Trendy Entertainment. The game is set in a fantasy world in which you play a young wizard or warrior who must defend a dungeon against monsters.


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Plants VS Zombies

One of the best tower defense games of all time.


Duck Dynasty Game: Duck Commander Duck Defense    5

Go Home Dinosaurs 

Go Home Dinosaurs is a game that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Its theme is universal, but it offers a depth of strategy that will get you hooked into its defence gameplay regardless of your age. In the game, you set up your weapons (which are manned by cute-looking gophers) and have them attack that pesky dinosaur.

Every level of Go Home Dinosaurs has a unique map on which you can position your defensive effort around the paths the dino will walk down. In order to get hold of your weapons you’ll need to unlock them by completing level. As with most Tower Defence game you must take finance into account. The currency in Go Home Dinosaurs! Is coconuts, which are obtained from palm trees. Click on a palm tree and you’ll grab coconuts. Clicking on the tree will also move your character to that spot. Once you have your coconuts you can spend them on cards, which are essentially towers.

The gameplay set-up is easy to grasp. Both younger and older gamers will get to grips with it quickly, but thanks to the strategy involved there is also a healthy level of longevity.


Duck Dynasty Game: Duck Commander Duck Defense        6

Alain Kaczmarek’s new game, Alpha Aquilae, is a unique, challenging and extremely playable tower defense game for iOS. Is this the most unique tower defense game ever? (hint: the answer is no but it’s not far off either) In Alpha Aquilae you are put in command of a stunningly beautiful constellation of stars. It’s you mission to prevent the stars from being infected with dark matter. Clearly, this isn’t your standard tower defense game; the idea in itself is absolutely ingenious (I’m not sure if there are other constellation-theme tower defense games but either way the idea is a real star—get it, real star. . . oh never mind). To defend your stars you need to set up defences, power them, then have them orbit stars and eliminate the dark matter cells.  Doing so if not easy. This game packs one heck of a challenge. So, genius idea but how is it carried off? The layout is simple but the gameplay is not. It takes quite a while to work out what is going on (even for well honed tower defence gamers). The graphics are minimalist but (important but) look excellent nonetheless.  The game has a very unique feel and […]


Duck Dynasty Game: Duck Commander Duck Defense      7

Castle Clash 

Castle Clash is yet another base building strategy game in which you must build a base, develop your army, attack your opponents, gather and research various things to create new items, collect resources and so on in order to become the most powerful player. It’s basically another Clash of Clans game. The difference with Castle Clash is in its aesthetic; it does at least have a different artistic style and that provides a somewhat different experience even if the gameplay is identical to what has gone before.


Duck Dynasty Game: Duck Commander Duck Defense          8

Dungeons of the Endless is a critically acclaimed tower defense roguelike game with randomly generated levels. One of the best indie games of 2014.


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