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Conquest of Elysium 3 Review (for list of games like COE3 see below)

IllWinter Game Design’s Conquest of Elysium 3 is a strategy game stripped of all superfluities. You select your race (or let the computer choose your race for you at random) from one of the seventeen available. The game then generates your opponents and your starting units. Each race, as you would expect, comes with its own set of strengths and abilities that can use during battle.

At the beginning you’ll have a fortress and resources, as well as a small army. To win a battle you’ll need to gather resources from the map and find extra units to use in the fight. Then beat your opponent to win the battle, overcoming waves of attack and a hazardous landscape.

New tiles will be shown as you progress and you can tap on them to see what value they offer. Some tiles are guarded and require combat, while others are unguarded, meaning you can take the goods without effort.

Conquest of Elysium is fast and the strategic aspect is stripped down, but this helps to create more flow to the gameplay. As you play you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in war and exploring the maps.

There is no tutorial but the game is simple to pick up. After a few games you’ll quickly get used to everything, meaning the lack of a tutorial isn’t such a big deal.  And once you do get used to the gameplay you’ll be having a riot.

One weakness of the gameplay is the inability to undo your last move. If  you accidentally move your troops onto the wrong square you could inadvertently lose the entire battle. The menu is a bit of a mess too. Many of the options and features are somewhat buried and there’s little intuitiveness. Getting used to the menu will take some time and could turn a few players off.

The battle themselves don’t involve much strategy. If you have a larger army you’re going to be victorious.  The graphics share a similar simplicity. The icons are easily distinguishable, but the units, which are very small, can be difficult to see. You’ll end up having to click on units to see what they are.

If there’s one shining star of Conquest of Elysium it’s the soundtrack. The orchestral music is sublime and brings to life the fantasy setting.

Conquest of Elysium may well divide fans of the genre. Some will find its slightly unorganised menu system and lack of depth a disappointment. Others will love the speed of battle and the fun turn based combat. As for me; I fall into the second group. Conquest of Elysium is a great game with beautiful music and excellent combat.

Overall: 4 out of 5.

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